Albertus Magnus College Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship

What We Do


Padlock imageUnlock entrepreneurial potential within the Albertus student community

contract imageHelp students develop business plans for innovative ideas

networking iconProvide students with resources to develop their ideas

lightbulb iconEncourage idea creation within the Albertus student community

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What is an INNOVATOR?

An individual who develops and introduces newer concepts or ideas.

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An individual who takes the initiative and the risk of creating, running, and managing their own venture from an idea that they have developed.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship


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Vision Statement

To be nationally recognized as an entrepreneurial program that encourages and empowers students to make transformative change within the world from their ideas.

Mission Statement

The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is committed to serving Albertus Magnus College students through the promotion of arts, innovation, and experiential learning.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Women's History Month Business Panel

On March 24, 2022 the Albertus Magnus College Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship hosted a Women's History Month Business Panel. This panel highlighted successful female entrepreneurs within the New Haven area, and gave attendees listening virtually and in-person insights into what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

National Association of Colleges & Employers (NACE) Quotes
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“Over the past decade, a wave of entrepreneurial interest has crashed onto the shores of academia. Many students are enthralled with launching companies that can change the world. Many of the tenets of modern entrepreneurship especially flexibility and speed in decision-makingspring from Internet communication capabilities and computer processing power.”

“As a result, the contemporary workplace arguably has altered more radically in the past two decades than any other time in our culture. Gone is lifetime employment, hierarchical authority structures, or clear career paths. Even dress codes have shifted from grey formality to casual understatement students understand that work is now more fluid and that they can play a more active role in defining what work will look like for them.”


Contact Information

Kobey SmithMr. Kobéy W. Smith, M.B.A
Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship Coordinator
Hubert Campus Center Room 104
phone: (203) 672-1052