Residence Halls

Residence Options

Our residence halls are a unique mix of traditional “dormitory” style halls, historic mansions that have been renovated for community style living, as well as apartment style halls . Each of our residence halls offers a dynamic living experience and exciting residential community.

Amenities in each hall include:

  • High-speed wireless internet
  • Cable TV access
  • Laundry machines in each hall—all laundry facilities are free of charge
  • Lounge and study spaces within each hall

Every student is provided with the following furniture:

  • A twin XL bed frame and mattress
  • A dresser
  • An armoire or closet space

In addition to the above list, the following furniture is provided in the apartments:

  • Kitchen table and chairs

For more information on outside furniture that is permitted in residence halls, please see our housing policies.

All residence hall rooms are equipped with wireless high-speed internet and cable TV access. To connect smart devices to the WiFi (such as Smart TVs, streaming devices, and gaming consoles), students must connect to the Albertus Users network to generate a key for your gaming device/tv register these devices with the network following these directions.

We pride ourselves on the lengths we go to keep our students safe and our halls secure. There are RAs on duty every night to provide assistance and emergency response. All residence hall exterior doors are locked 24/7 and require ID card access to enter (only students living in the building have access). Our Campus Security officers work around the clock and regularly patrol campus, along with assistance from the New Haven Police Department. Additionally, four of our professional Residential Life staff members live in on-campus apartments and serve in an on-call rotation to respond to any issues.