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On our beautiful 50-acre campus, you can join intramural and varsity sports or work out in our Athletic Center. Meet friends at the Hubert Campus Center for snacks and socializing. Indulge in some quiet study time at the Rosary Hall library. Or just stroll the grounds and enjoy the curated gardens and statuary.

Catholic Identity Dominican Tradition

We have faith in your future

Albertus Magnus College is a Catholic college founded by the Dominican Sisters of Peace. The College affirms the essential dignity of each person as a being of divine origin.

Because it is rooted in the Dominican tradition, Albertus Magnus College is devoted to the pursuit of truth in all of its dimensions and to the proposition that faith and reason are complementary. Thus, this College fosters a commitment to scholarly exploration and to the principles of academic freedom. The College welcomes diversity and is dedicated to facilitating the intellectual growth of its faculty, students and administrative staff so that they may develop their individual gifts and acquire the habits of mind necessary to pursue truth. The Albertus community is dedicated to creating an open institution environment which supports its members' intellectual, spiritual and social development.

Students from all faiths and non-believers are welcomed and encouraged to share their traditions and experiences.

Albertus Seal

The seal of Albertus Magnus College is comprised of two shields. In the background (black and white) is the Dominican seal which recalls the college's foundation as a Dominican college. In the foreground is the family shield (House of Bollstadt) of the Dominican saint and scholar, Albert the Great, from which the college derives its name.

The Four Pillars Of The Dominican Tradition


Study Our namesake, Albert the Great, was a scholar who integrated faith and reason; the spiritual and the scientific. In this tradition, the Office of Dominican Ministries promotes the connection of God to all we study.


Prayer The Office of Dominican Ministries coordinates, organizes, and promotes opportunities for prayer and contemplation. Our Saint Catherine of Siena Chapel is a place of prayer and contemplation open each day; and is the place of regular events of worship and prayer reflecting our Catholic heritage and our openness to the diverse faiths found in the Albertus Magnus Community. The Coordinator of the Office of Dominican Ministries provides prayer and reflection for college events as well.


Community The Dominican Tradition encourages us to see and make connections, and promotes the connectedness we share among each other in the Albertus Magnus community and the world beyond. As unique members of the Albertus Magnus Community, each one of us "...attempts to seek out the wonder of the material universe...and finds... perfection in wisdom, which gently draws the human mind to look for and love what is true and good. (Gaudium et Spes, Vatican II)


Service Service is the natural response of a life open to God, through prayer and contemplation. Prayer and contemplation opens us to the needs of the whole world through service and the promotion of the common good. The Office of Dominican Ministries offers opportunities for service both on and off campus. Dominican Ministries reaches out to the poor, those at risk, the marginalized of our communities and our world. Dominican Ministries fosters an awareness of a variety of service opportunities, and strives to put into action a desire to serve.

Albertus Magnus College Professors Know Your Name

Of course, our classrooms and labs are up-to-date - and our professors know you by name, because we're sure you're ready to put your mind to work and discover the next big thing to rejuvenate the planet. Our small class sizes mean you'll get one-on-one attention from our faculty scholars, who serve as mentors while you're at Albertus Magnus College and may become your professional colleagues after you graduate.

Great(er) New Haven!

You'll want to be at Albertus Magnus College for the excitement created by the nearly 20,000 college students who call New Haven home. With quick and easy connections to metro New York, Boston, and Providence, it's a great place to learn and an excellent springboard to explore the world.

Find out for yourself. Visit our campus, take our Virtual Campus Tour, discover more about New Haven, and experience the many dimensions of our dynamic community.

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