Website Privacy Policy

Albertus Magnus College and its marketing partners collect data from the devices you use to visit this website and to view our advertisements on other websites. This document explains what data are collected, how they are used, and what you can do to prevent us from collecting data from your devices.

What Data Are Collected?

We collect information such as:

  • the addresses of the webpages you visit,
  • the name of the operating system your device uses,
  • the number of times we've shown you a particular advertisement, and
  • the duration of your visit to our website.

None of that information can be used on its own to identify you personally.

How Are the Data Collected?

We use cookies, beacons, and tags to collect and store data about your visit to our website.


Cookies are small text files that a website creates and stores on your computer for a certain amount of time. Cookies commonly contain information such as:

  • whether you are currently logged in at a particular website,
  • what items you have placed in a shopping cart, and
  • what pages you have visited recently on a particular site.

Some cookies expire when you finish your visit to a website while others remain on your computer longer than the duration of your visit. The cookies we and our partners use typically expire between 45 days and two years after they have been created.


Beacons are minute, often transparent, images in a webpage that are used together with cookies to follow your visits across one or more websites. When you visit a webpage containing a beacon, your device will share information about itself with the server that provides the beacon.


Tags are bits of code in a webpage that collect information about the page and how you use it. Unlike cookies, tags send the information they collect directly to us or our partners instead of storing it locally on your computer. Website personalization, analytics, and targeted advertising are common examples how we may use tags.

What Happens to the Data?


Any cookies we or our partners create will remain on your computer until you delete them or until they expire. The data that are not stored locally on your computer are stored securely for up to three years or longer, after which time they will be deleted.


We and our marketing partners use the data we collect in a variety of ways to improve our website and to show you advertisements. These uses may include:

  • showing you an ad related to the content of the webpage you are currently viewing,
  • limiting the number of times you see a particular ad,
  • optimizing the site's design for certain screen sizes, and
  • improving the time a web browser requires to load a webpage.

Neither Albertus nor its partners will ever sell or rent any of the collected data to a third party.

How Can You Prevent Us From Collecting Your Data?

You can prevent us from collecting your data by taking three simple steps:

  1. activate the private browsing feature in your web browser,
  2. complete the National Advertising Initiative's consumer opt-out, and
  3. install the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.

Whom Should You Contact With Questions?

Should you have questions about this document, please contact the Albertus Information Technology Services Help Desk at 203-773-0205 or at

Cyber Security Officer:
Steven Gstalder