Albertus Magnus College History

Albertus Founders


In 1924, the Dominican Sisters of Saint Mary of the Springs, who are now known as the Dominican Sisters of Peace, purchased an estate in New Haven, Connecticut, in an effort to found a women’s college. A charter was signed on July 13, 1925, and the first classes at Albertus Magnus College were held on September 24, 1925 in Rosary Hall, the mansion on the property.

Since 1926, the College has acquired several mansions, which are used for student residences and administration. Rosary Hall now houses the College library. The latest construction on campus was a $12.5 million renovation of the Hubert Campus Center. The new space, called “The Living Room” of the Student Community, includes a roaring fireplace to sit and relax or study; a pub to grab a snack; an outdoor patio to enjoy the company of friends or watch a softball game, and a store to get your Albertus Magnus College swag. In 2019, Albertus was pleased to announce the purchase of the Overseas Ministries Studies Center (OMSC) complex, consisting of three buildings located at 490 Prospect Street in New Haven, Connecticut, which will be used for additional student housing, offices, and meeting space. The Cosgrove, Marcus, Messer Athletic Center opened in 1989. This indoor sports and recreation center houses a pool, a gymnasium and indoor track, racquetball and volleyball courts, weight and dance rooms, and fitness center. The Center is part of the athletic complex featuring a soccer field, an outdoor track and tennis courts.

In 1992, Albertus Magnus offered its first graduate program, the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies. The College currently offers 10 graduate programs: Master of Arts in Art Therapy and Counseling; Master of Fine Arts in Writing; Master of Science in Human Services; Master of Business Administration; Master of Science in Accounting; Master of Science in Criminal Justice; Master of Science in Public Administration; Master of Science in Clinical Counseling; Master of Science in Education; and Master of Science in Management and Organizational Leadership.

Today, Albertus has approximately 500 full-time traditional undergraduates and 1,000 adult undergraduate and graduate students from eight U.S. states and two international countries.

The College's Board of Trustees was reorganized in 1969 so that 80 percent of its members are lay people; the others are members of the Dominican Sisters of Peace. The College remains true to its Dominican heritage and continues to be dedicated to the search for truth in all its dimensions.

Albertus Shield

Shield of Albertus Magnus College

The shield of Albertus Magnus College is comprised of two shields. In the background (black and white) is the Dominican shield which recalls the college's foundation as a Dominican college. In the foreground is the family shield (House of Bollstadt) of the Dominican saint and scholar, Albert the Great, from which the college derives its name.