Alumni Council

Alumni Association Advisory Council for the 2023-2024 Term

The Alumni Association Advisory Council is a group of dedicated alumni volunteers that act in an advisory capacity to support the mission of the College and goals of the Office of Advancement through the Alumni Association. Council members are called to translate into action the strong mission, beliefs, and legacy of the College by building bridges and inspiring involvement within the alumni community. Council members act as ambassadors by attending events both on campus and in their own geographic area, reaching out to fellow alumni to encourage involvement with Albertus throughout their lives, and promoting philanthropy to the College.

If you are interested in becoming involved as a potential council member or volunteer, please contact (203)773-8502 or email


Vice President for Advancement
Mary Young '91

Director of Alumni and Parent Engagement
Miriam Battista

Meet Your Alumni Association Advisory Council

Nicole Carpenter

Nicole Carpenter '20

Profession: Corporate Marketing Manager

“As a graduate of the Accelerated Adult Undergraduate degree program, Albertus has been instrumental in my life and career. I made the decision to attend Albertus because of the culture—the emphasis on small class sizes and the connection between learners and instructors. I thoroughly enjoyed my time on campus and am forever grateful for the skills and education which allowed me to pursue a career I had never imagined for myself. I am honored to serve as a member of the Alumni Advisory Council to share my experience with others and support fellow Alumni.”

Ebony Cole

Ebony Cole '18, '19 M.B.A.

Profession: Assistant Director, Financial Aid

“Once a Falcon, always a Falcon! My time at Albertus was truly remarkable. The unwavering support from the faculty was beyond measure, and I will forever cherish it. As an adult learner, I enjoyed the intimate class sizes that fostered dynamic classroom discussions, enabling us to engage in critical thinking as we challenged one another through meaningful dialogue. And I take great pride in the college's academic growth and the positive trajectory it's currently on.”

Alberta Conte

Alberta Conte '71

Profession: Retired Chair of the Department of Foreign Languages for a local public high school

“I owe a great part of my successful 38 year teaching career to Albertus Magnus College. The strong liberal arts curriculum and a teaching certificate gave me a great foundation to continue my academic endeavors. I was able to explore my potential and develop leadership skills which I used in my role as teacher and administrator. Now that I am retired, I can devote my time to giving back to the college that gave me my start.”

Mary Lou Apuzzo DiPaola

Mary Lou Apuzzo DiPaola '72

Profession: English Learners Teacher

“My experiences at Albertus Magnus College have afforded me many lasting friendships and a commitment to education with a strong liberal arts background. The Albertus Community has always been a home away from home. Being at Albertus, allowed me to study and travel abroad as an undergraduate student. My AMC education assisted me to become a federal employee, a teacher, a mentor teacher, a teacher leader, and a business owner.”

Katie Rowe Glynn

Katie Rowe Glynn '09, Vice President

Profession: Communications

“My undergraduate experience at Albertus Magnus College gave me some of my most valuable memories and opportunities. I’ll always cherish the warm and personable faculty members, the quintessential New England campus, and the many friendships that I made. My time there gave me a great foundation on which to build my professional career and for that I'll always be grateful. I’m heartened to see the many ways that the Albertus community continues to grow, and I'm thrilled to be a part of these efforts through the council.”

Jason Howell

Jason Howell '20

Profession: Higher Education and Student Affairs

“My Albertus experience was absolutely one-of-a-kind. I shall be eternally thankful for the many opportunities that the Albertus experience has afforded me. My participation in student government sparked my interest and ambition to work in higher education and student affairs, allowing me to have the same influence on the next generation of college students.”

Deborah Kavanaugh

Deborah Kavanaugh '16 M.S.A.

Profession: Certified Public Accountant

“Albertus gave me the opportunity to pursue my Master’s Degree while working full-time. The learning experience was both positive and enjoyable especially because of the unique connections and life-long memories I have made. Albertus Magnus College, with its solid traditions in the Catholic heritage, will forever have a special place in my heart."

Nicole Kras

Nicole Kras '01,'07 M.A., Ph.D., President

Profession: Associate Professor of Human Services, City University of New York (SUNY)

“Albertus is a special place that fosters a community of support and encouragement. I am grateful for the many opportunities that my Albertus education has provided me and for the wonderful professors I was fortunate enough to learn from. My service on the Alumni Advisory Council provides me the opportunity to give back to a place that has given me so much."

Aesha Langley

Aesha Langley '18 M.F.A.

Profession: Healthcare Professional

“With a rich tapestry of experiences and a fervent dedication to education, creativity, and community, I stand as a distinguished alumna of Albertus Magnus College. My journey has been one defined by a commitment to excellence and a passion for leveraging knowledge to inspire others. As an instructional designer within a premier healthcare organization, I have exemplified the fusion of cutting-edge technology and compassionate care. My innovative approach to curriculum development and training programs has not only elevated the standards within the organization but has also shaped the landscape of healthcare education. Equipped with a Master of Fine Arts in Writing, I embody the essence of storytelling and expression. My literary pursuits have not only honed my craft but have also illuminated the power of narrative in transforming perspectives and fostering empathy. Beyond my professional endeavors, I am an active member of the Alumni Council, where I seek to strengthen the bonds of the alumni community. Residing in the vibrant community of Hamden, I am deeply rooted in the fabric of local life. As a mother to a fellow alumnus, I instill the values of knowledge, integrity, and compassion in the next generation, ensuring that the legacy of my alma mater endures for years to come. Passionate about the Constitution, U.S. history, and the art of writing, I am a champion of intellectual discourse and civic engagement. An ardent aficionado of music and the arts, I find solace and inspiration in the beauty of creative expression.

Claudia Miller

Claudia Lucia Miller '76, Secretary

Profession: Co-Chair of the History and English Department for a local high school

“I always loved the comradery, the "sisterhood" that we built. I loved the caring and love that the faculty showed us, particularly the Dominican Sisters.”

Keegan Riccio

Keegan Riccio '23, Immediate Past President of the Student Alumni Association (SAA)

Profession: Higher Education Communication and Administration

“I am very grateful for all of the opportunities provided to me during my time at Albertus. As a commuter student, part-time employee, and dual-sport athlete in both soccer and lacrosse, my college experience was both challenging and rewarding. One of the most transformative experiences was my involvement with the Student Alumni Association (SAA). Starting as a member of SAA, I quickly became engaged with the activities, eventually serving as the Vice President of Programming before taking on the role of President. Being a member of SAA allowed me to find my voice on the field and in life. I learned to advocate for myself and for others – a crucial skill in my future career as a social worker. Looking ahead, I am thrilled to have been given the chance to serve on the Alumni Advisory Council.”

Charlene Russell-Tucker

Charlene Russell-Tucker ’99 M.S.

Profession: Education Leader

Committee: Career and Professional Development

“I am honored and delighted to join the Alumni Association Advisory Council with fellow dedicated members. I look forward to reconnecting with campus activities and Council initiatives having also served as adjunct faculty for over a decade.”

Karen Coughlin Sullo

Karen Coughlin Sullo '93

Profession: Team Leader, HRIS (Human Resource Information System) Operations at Eversource Energy

“In my years at Albertus, I grew as a student, and as a person, it is by far my most formative years, giving me the opportunity to become strong in my word, in my goals, and setting me up to excel in my professional life and in my continuous personal goal to create community. Albertus gave me an opportunity to balance my academic and athletic life, although I was not a star in either – I was given opportunity in both and I continue to use those tools for prioritization of work/life balance. I created lifelong relationships at Albertus Magnus, my roommates and friends are still some of the most important people in my life and I am blessed that they are a constant in my life. Recently, I have switched roles as an Alumna; to being a mom to a current student at Albertus. It has given me a renewed appreciation of all Albertus Magnus has to offer. I am looking forward to my term on the council and hope to reconnect alumni, celebrating and promoting all the opportunities that Albertus Magnus has to offer.”

Sheila Flaherty Wycinowski

Sheila Flaherty Wycinowski '72

Profession: Retired educator

Committee: Alumni Awards (Chair)

“Albertus Magnus College allowed me to grow and develop into the person I am today. I gained many lasting friendships and the faculty provided me with leadership opportunities, skills and knowledge. I received a strong liberal arts education coupled with a teaching certificate.” These opportunities led to a successful forty year career in education and educational leadership."

Sherrie Zembrzuski

Sherrie Zembrzuski '76

Profession: Mathematics Department Chair and teacher for a catholic high school

Committee: Engagement & Outreach

“I ended up choosing Albertus because of the friendliness and the size of the classes. At Albertus there was a concern about you as a person and you were always able to talk to your professors to get help or advice.”