Student Clubs & Organizations

It only takes yourself and three other full-time undergraduate students, one full-time staff or faculty advisor, and one constitution to start a new club at Albertus.

President Jacob Ducharme
Vice President Jack Hannan

Our purpose allows all full-time and part-time students to learn about various aspects of the accounting and finance fields. In addition, it aims to offer students an opportunity to meet students with similar career interests. The club aims to attract students interested in the subject matter to broaden their interests.


E-Sports at Albertus will be a new club that will be launching with the goal of being a varsity e-sports team. Scholarships will be offered through the Saint Dominic Award for students that want to compete.

President Kiyomi Bowen
Vice President Deja Telford

The Black Student Union is to serve as a liaison between (but not limited to) students of African descent, the staff, and faculty within the Albertus Magnus College Community. We aim to advocate for our students as well as stimulate social, intellectual, political, and cultural growth within our clubs as well as for our entire community. Through providing a safe place for students to engage as well as explore in the black experience. We hope to promote cultural diversity through events, discussions, and social gatherings. Lastly, We will foster a peaceful community where everyone is welcomed, heard, and respected.

President Elizabeth Sherry
Vice President Suhaliey Ortiz

The purpose of the organization shall be to provide a yearly publication through Albertus Magnus College. This will showcase the tremendous talent that all students have.

President Amina Khokhar
Vice President Angelina Campos

The Campus Activities Board at Albertus Magnus College is a student ran an organization that provides the undergraduate student community with diverse social programs. CAB Officers and members actively plan, implement, and host programs to create an amazing and memorable student experience at Albertus.

We aim to promote physical fitness and general wellness in a positive and fun atmosphere. We encourage good sportsmanship, positive behavior and strive to keep our participants happy!

President Steve Sciaraffa
Vice President Tayyeb Hamid

The Student Commuter Council is a newer organization aiming to reach out to the commuter student community at Albertus Magnus College. SCC wants to help get commuters involved and engaged on campus, help make the commuter student voice be heard, and hosts programs and events geared towards commuters. We would love to have you join us, so feel free to reach out with any questions you may have!

President Tayyeb Hamid
Vice President Tony Torres

This club strives to provide all students who are interested in the field of criminal justice with the opportunity to participate in lectures, discussions, workshops, and any other activities related to criminal justice.

President Juliana Bertrand
Vice President Terry-Ann Wilson

The purpose of this club is for students who are interested in theatre and the arts to enjoy discussions of plays, see or act in performances, and support the arts as a collaborative unit. This club will encourage students to exercise their creativity and their passion for theatre, as well as offer new and exciting experiences involved with the stage regarding the roles we may have as actors, crew members, and the audience. Thusly, this club wants students to think creatively, analyze critically, and participate wholeheartedly in the world of theatre.

President Alex Mitchell
Vice President Ashley Angeles

The purpose of this organization is to provide extra meals for kids attending school in New Haven from elementary school to middle school. We would work alongside these schools in the district advertising and scheduling these food drives, hopefully being able to do at least two-four monthly. No child should be going hungry if we are doing all we can to help our communities. Any extra food will be donated to homeless organizations in New Haven.

President Jessica Coughlin
Vice President Ryan Herpy

In addition to the rigorous academic challenges outlined in the Albertus Magnus College catalog, the purpose of this club is to provide students in the Honors Program an opportunity to organize and participate in various cultural activities/events, as well as volunteer with local community service projects.

President Nicole Hyatt
Vice President Kennedy Porter

Our purpose is to organize educational and cultural activities that will promote all languages and literature from our diverse campus. To foster unity between diverse cultures through various cultural speakers. To organize activities that will create an environment of learning and sharing between cultures; to increase cultural awareness of the Albertus family by sponsoring activities that promote understanding and goodwill; to seek creativity in diversity and to improve and expand upon the efforts towards this goal already being accomplished by members of the Albertus school community; to serve the multicultural club members and its participants by offering activities appropriate to our academic environment.

President Ana Lucia Gutierrez
Vice President Ana Lucia Gutierrez

The purpose of this organization shall believe in people and their future. Supporting potential students by empowering them as transformers of lives. Innovate, entrepreneur, communities, impact, and leadership will be our mission. Everyone’s story is unique, and our programs are as diverse as the humans they benefit but focusing on the Latino community. This Student group is committed to creating a model of change for vulnerable groups of people.

President Shannon Visco
Vice President Amanda Stetson

This organization aims to provide a safe, inclusive space for LGBTQ+ students and their allies. In addition to providing a safe (brave) space, the organization will encourage students to get involved through a variety of social activities, advocacy campaigns, and campus-wide events. Moreover, the organization promotes dialogue between students of all backgrounds around issues facing the LGBTQ+ community. The organization strives to be a visible presence on campus and educate the campus community on these topics while also having fun, engaging activities that will bring the community closer together, such as speakers, activities, and educational events.

President Olivia Hauer
Vice President Ariana Martin & Kelly Musante

To provide insight and discussion in psychology to psychology majors and anyone interested in psychology; educating and assisting through tutoring and study groups; learning from guest speakers, and providing a social scene for people interested in psychology to come together.

President Nedjine Lucien
Vice President Diana Kalman

Our purpose is to provide community service through speaking engagement at areas such as; schools, providing Demo Days to local museums, and updating the Albertus Magnus College Community on regional and global current events. Provide club members educational field trip opportunities. Create a sense of community within Albertus Magnus College. Help students learn, develop professionally, and enjoy social interaction with fellow students in the extracurricular environment; Conduct extracurricular research experiments and present results at experiential learning day.

President Jessica Reid
Vice President Tayyeb Hamid

Student Government aims to be the governing board, responsible for regulating recognized clubs and organizations by enforcing policies and procedures and providing funds derived from Student Activity Fee to student organizations through a special funding request process.

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