Campus Security Services, Available 24 hours everyday.
Cellular phone: (203) 507-5204
Office telephone: (203)773-8509
Name Dept. Title/Faculty Rank Phone Ext. Email Campus Building Room
Falcon Campus Store Falcon Campus Store 203-672-53255325Main CampusCampus Center
Financial Aid Office Financial Aid 203-773-85088508financial_aid@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall107
Patrick Abbazia Library and Information Technology Services Technical Support Analyst 203-773-85708570pabbazia@albertus.eduMain CampusRosary Hall (Library)20
Gina Abbott Education Programs Faculty- Education Part-Time Facultygabbott@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Joshua Abreu Psychology PT Faculty - Sociology 203-672-10581058jabreu1@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall104
John Adams Athletics Assistant Women's Soccer Coach coachjqa@yahoo.comMain CampusAthletic Center
Jonathan Adongo Faculty- Business & Management Associate Professor of Economics203-672-67766776joadongo@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall312
Daniel Alves Division of Marketing and Community Relations Web Communications and Strategy Manager 203-672-66546654dalves@albertus.eduMain CampusRosary Hall (Library)29
Michael Amico Faculty- Psychology Part-Time Facultymamico@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Haley Andrews Athletics Graduate Assistant, Women's Soccer handrews@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletic Center
William Aniskovich Faculty- Business & Management Dean of The Tagliatela School of Business and Leadership , Co-Director of MBA Program, Associate Professor203-672-66896689waaniskovich@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall303
Jennifer Aniskovich Faculty- Business & Management Part-Time Facultyjsaniskovich@albertus.eduMain Campus
Rebecca Arnold Faculty- M.A.A.T.C. Associate Professor203-773-8903rarnold@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas HallG12
Christine Atkins Faculty- Languages and Culture Professor of Spanish & Latinx Language, Literature, and Culture203-401-40714071catkins@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall234
Dwayne Austin Division of Professional and Graduate Studies Senior Admissions Counselor 203-672-66846684daustin@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas HallPGS 10
Charles Awasu Faculty- Sociology & Criminal Justice Part-Time
Renee Bacon Faculty- Psychology Part-Time Facultyrlbacon@albertus.eduMain Campus
Sandra Barone Faculty- Sociology & Criminal Justice Part-Time Facultysbarone@albertus.eduMain Campus
Sarah Barr Communications and Marketing Media Relations Specialist sbarr1@albertus.eduMain CampusMohun Annex
Mark Barreuther Faculty- Biology, Chemistry & Mathematics Professor / Chair Dept. of Biology, Chemistry & Mathematics203-773-85838583mbarreuther@albertus.eduMain CampusTagliatela Academic Center202
Reaunna Bartell Student Affairs Residential Life and Deputy IX Coordinator 203-773-85778577rbartell@albertus.eduMain CampusCampus Center102 G
Leon Battista Faculty- Business & Management Part-Time Facultylbattista@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Miriam Battista Office of Advancement Director of Alumni and Parent Engagement 203-773-85198519mbattista@albertus.eduMain CampusMohun Hall
Carolyn Behan Kraus Office of the President Executive Director of College Events 203-672-53235323cbehan@albertus.eduMain CampusCampus Center
Rodney Bell Facilities Services General Maintenance / Housekeeper 203-773-85068506rbell1@albertus.eduMain Campus
Tina Benigno Faculty- English & Humanities Assistant Professor of Humanities/Faculty Advisor203-773-85608560tbenigno@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall313B
Christopher Berg Faculty- Business & Management Part-Time Facultyceberg@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Arlela Bethel Faculty- Psychology Part-Time Facultyabethel@albertus.eduEast Hartford
Anne Bikofsky Faculty- Business & Management Part-Time Facultyakbikofsky@albertus.eduMain Campus
Lisa Bilodeau Office of Advancement Advancement Associate/Research Coordinator 203-773-85178517lbilodeau@albertus.eduMain CampusMohun Hall
Patricia Birungi Faculty- Business & Management Assistant Professor203-672-53095309pnbirungi@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall334
Martha Bless Education Programs Faculty- Education Part-Time Facultymbless@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Hope Boeve Faculty- M.A.A.T.C. Part-Time Facultyhboeve@albertus.eduMain Campus
Annette Bosley-Boyce Division of Professional and Graduate Studies Part-Time Faculty abosleyboyce1@albertus.eduMain Campus
Robert Bourgeois Faculty- Sociology & Criminal Justice Professor / Director Global Studies Program203-773-44464446rbourgeois@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas HallG 12
Charles Bove Faculty- Psychology Part-Time Facultycabove@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Catherine Box Education Programs Faculty- Education Lecturercbox@albertus.eduMain Campus
Lewis Boyce Faculty- Communications Part-Time Facultylboyce@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Valerie Brescia Faculty- Biology, Chemistry & Mathematics Part-Time Facultyvbrescia@albertus.eduMain Campus
Kierran Broatch Office of Advancement Assistant Vice President for Advancement 203-773-44764476kbroatch@albertus.eduMain CampusMohun Hall
Rebecca Brogan Faculty- Biology, Chemistry & Mathematics Professorrsbrogan@albertus.eduMain Campus
Samuel Brown Faculty- Sociology & Criminal Justice Part-Time Facultysrbrown@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Mackenzie Brusch Athletics Assistant Men's Ice Hockey Coach cmbruch@gmail.comMain CampusAthletic Center
Corey Brushett Faculty- Business & ManagementAssistant Professor of Business/Faculty Advisor 203-672-53075307cabrushett@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Cathy Buchanan Dominican Mission Coordinator of Dominican Ministries 203-672-66786678cbuchanan@albertus.eduMain CampusCampus Center
Michael Burns Facilities Services General Maintenance Services 203-773-85068506mburns@albertus.eduMain CampusDominican Hall
Awilda Burroughs Student Affairs Operations Assistant 203-672-66916691agburroughs@albertus.eduMain CampusCampus Center102 E
Christina Byrd Financial Aid Director of Financial Aid 203-773-44444444cmbyrd@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall107
Marc Camille Office of the President President, Albertus Magnus College 203-773-85298529president@albertus.eduMain CampusMohun Hall
Lauren Carpenter Education Programs Director of Education Programs 203-773-69606960lcarpenter@albertus.eduMain CampusWeldon Hall202
Melanie Carr Faculty- Business & Management Part-Time Facultymcarr@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Jennifer Caruso Athletics Interim Women's Lacrosse Coach jcaruso2@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletic Center
Mark Case Faculty- Biology, Chemistry & Mathematics Professor203-773-85698569mbcase@albertus.eduMain CampusTagliatela Academic Center104
Tiago Castilho Faculty- Biology, Chemistry & Mathematics Lecturertcastilho@albertus.eduMain Campus
Linda Cella Faculty- Business & Management Part-Time Facultylcella@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Health Counseling Center Health Services 203-773-81498149Main CampusCampus Center210 A
George Chaffin Athletics Communications & Operations Assistant gchaffin@albertus.eduMain Campus
Gary Chase Athletics Front Desk/Reception gchase@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletic Center
Shingai Chigwedere Dominican Mission Dominican Mission Operations Assistant 203-672-10531053schigwedere@albertus.eduMain CampusCampus Center
Justin Cirisoli Registrar Registrar 203-773-85148514jcirisoli@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall120
Patrick Clifford Office of Career and Professional Development Director, Office of Career and Professional Development 203-773-69896989pclifford1@albertus.eduMain CampusRosary Hall (Library)35
Julia Coash Faculty- Visual & Performing ArtsPart-Time Faculty jcoash@albertus.eduMain Campus
Susan Cole Faculty- English & Humanities Professor203-773-85628562scole@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall318
Evell Concepcion Part-Time Facultyeconcepcion@albertus.eduMain Campus
Dominic Corraro Faculty- Languages and Culture Part-Time Facultydcorraro@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Tina Corraro Faculty- Languages and Culture Part-Time Facultytcorraro@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Livingston Cortez Business Office Staff Accountant 203-773-85538553lcortez@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas HallG2
Jessica Coughlin Athletics Athletic Assistant Volleyball jcoughlin@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletic Center
Lucille Curry Business Office Payroll Specialist 203-361-40214021lcurry1@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas HallG2
Ruth Curzan Division of Professional and Graduate Studies Academic Advisor 203-672-67656765rcurzan@albertus.eduMain CampusMohun Hall
Gina D'Ambrosca Admissions Associate Director of Admissions 203-777-59595959gdambrosca@albertus.eduMain CampusMohun Hall
Paula Danforth Business Office Finance and Administration Specialist 203-773-85048504pdanforth@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall101
Ashley David Athletics Women's Volleyball Coach 631-875-9470ardavid@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletic Center
Thad Dawley Library and Information Technology Services Administrative Computing Manager 203-773-01660166tdawley@albertus.eduMain CampusRosary Hall (Library)31
Patricia Dawson Library and Information Technology Services InterLibrary Loan and Collection Specialist 203-672-66506650padawson@albertus.eduMain CampusRosary Hall (Library)
Jennifer Dealy Faculty- Psychology Assistant Professor of Psychology/Faculty Advisor203-672-53085308jdealy@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall302
Kristen DeCarli Faculty- Business & ManagementAssociate Professor, Co-Director of the Honors Program203-773-85478547kdecarli@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall208
Alan DelFavero Faculty- Business & Management Assistant Professor, Director of Undergraduate and Graduate Accounting Programs203-773-85654424aldelfavero@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall332
Darryl Delia Athletics Head Men's Lacrosse Coach 203-672-5316ddelia@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletic Center
Garrett Dell Faculty- Communications Part-Time Facultygdell@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Melissa DeLucia Academic Affairs Director for Academic Compliance and Operations 203-773-85388538mdelucia@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall101
Patricia DelVecchio Faculty- English & Humanities Part-Time Facultypadelvecchio@albertus.eduMain Campus
Mallory DePalermo Faculty- Psychology Part-Time Facultymdavid@albertus.eduMain Campus
Joseph Dessino Student Affairs Assistant Director for Student Engagement and Campus Recreation 203-752-87938793jdessino@albertus.eduMain CampusCampus Center102 K
Natalie Devaull-Robichaud Academic Affairs Interim Director of the Academic Success Center and the Writing Program 203-672-66716671ndevaull@albertus.eduMain CampusRosary Hall (Library)32
Yaina Diaz Admissions Enrollment Coordinator 203 773-85248524ydiaz1@albertus.eduMain CampusMohun Hall
Bonnie Dingus Division of Professional and Graduate Studies Director of Curriculum Services 203-672-67636763bdingus@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas HallPGS 21
Marisa Dragone Communications and Marketing Director of Creative Services and Marketing 203-773-85228522mdragone@albertus.eduMain CampusMohun Annex
Lawrence Duffany Faculty- English & Humanities Part-Time Facultylduffany@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Edward Dunar Dominican Mission Director of the Meister Eckhart Center 203-773-44284428edunar@albertus.eduMain CampusRosary Hall
Patrick Early Faculty- Business & Management Part-Time Facultypearly@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Ross Edwards Academic Affairs Faculty- History & Political Science Dean of Academic Affairs for the Traditional Undergraduate Program, Associate Professor of History & Political Science203-773-12891289redwards1@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall124
Brittney Edwards Financial Aid Financial Aid Counselor
Kathryn Eggert Faculty- Psychology Part-Time Facultykfeggert@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Nabil Elias Faculty- Business & Management Associate Professor / Co-Director, MBA Program203-773-85828582nelias@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall332
Fady Elias Faculty- Business & Management Part-Time Facultyfnelias@albertus.eduMain Campus
Scott Elliott Faculty- Philosophy & Religious Studies Part-Time Facultyselliott@albertus.eduMain Campus
Rosemary Engengro Falcon Campus Store Falcon Campus Store Manager 203-672-53255325rengengro@albertus.eduMain CampusCampus Center
Jennifer Evans Health Services Mental Health Counselor 203-672-53205320jevans@albertus.eduMain CampusCampus Center211
Siobhan Evarts Faculty- Psychology Associate Professor / Associate Director of the Human Services Program203-672-66756675soevarts@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall116
Nancy Fallon Faculty- Business & Management Part-Time Facultynfallon@albertus.eduMain Campus
Howard Fero Faculty- Business & Management Professor of Management and Leadership / Director of Graduate Leadership Programs203-773-44244424hfero@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall306
Gloria Fiore Facilities Services General Housekeeping Services 203-773-85068506gfiore@albertus.eduMain Campus
Bernard Fitzpatrick Faculty- History & Political Science Part-Time Facultybfitzpatrick@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Kristina Fortier Athletics Associate Head Athletic Trainer 203-773-44724472kfortier@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletic Center
Andrew Foster Student Affairs Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students 203-773-85428542afoster@albertus.eduMain CampusCampus Center102 D
Kervin Franco Registrar Evaluation and Graduation Services Manager 203-672-66596659kfranco@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall 120
Deborah Frattini Faculty- English & Humanities Associate Professor203-773-85648564dfrattini@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall314
JR Fredette Athletics Head Men's Golf Coach/Head Women's Basketball Coach/Sports Information Associate 203-672-66736673rffredette@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletic Center
Robert Freyer Financial Aid Senior Financial Aid Counselor 203-773-44404440rfreyer@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall105
Frank Frosceno Public Safety Manager, Public Safety 203-773-85098509ffrosceno@albertus.eduMain CampusDominican Hall
Jeffrey Fuhr Facilities Services General Maintenance Services 203-773-85068506jfuhr@albertus.eduMain CampusDominican Hall
Lisa Furman Faculty- M.A.A.T.C. Professor / Director, Master of Arts in Art Therapy and Counseling203-672-5318lfurman@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas HallG14
Tim Gabbard Athletics Assistant Men's Tennis Coach tggabbard@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletic Center
Robert Gagne Faculty- Sociology & Criminal Justice Part-Time Facultyrgagne@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Sarah Gallipoli Education Programs Faculty- Education Part-Time Facultysgallipoli@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Jeffrey Gangwisch Faculty- Visual & Performing Arts Assistant Professor203-672-53225322jgangwisch@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall G2
David Garaventa Faculty- Business & ManagementAssociate Professor Director of CIS and Cyber Security Programs203-773-85638563dgaraventa@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall213A
Michael Geary Faculty- Sociology & Criminal Justice Professor203-773-80888088mgeary@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas HallPGS 17
Lisa Gianni Education Programs Faculty- Education Part-Time Facultylagianni@albertus.eduMain Campus
Michael Gilman Faculty- Biology, Chemistry & Mathematics Part-Time Facultymgilman@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Sr. Ana Gonzalez Admissions Coordinator of International Admissions 203-672-67716771agonzalez1@albertus.eduMain CampusMohun Hall
Joshua Gregoire Financial Aid Financial Aid Counselor 203 672-66514443jgregoire@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall107
Peter Hamasian Athletics Head Men's Soccer Coach / Department Budget Administrator 203-773-8936phamasian@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletic Center
Tammy L. Hanna Faculty- Human Services Assistant Professor / Associate Director of Master of Science in Human Services 203-672-6796tlhanna@albertus.eduNew HavenPGS wing of Aquinas20
Christine Hansen Academic Affairs Faculty Services Coordinator and Academic Affairs Assistant 203-773-80688068chansen@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall122
Donald Hardy Facilities Services General Maintenance Services 203-773-85068506dhardy@albertus.eduMain CampusDominican Hall
Cheryl Harewood Faculty- Human Services Part-Time Facultycharewood@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Dale Harris Faculty- Business & Management Part-Time Facultydharris1@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Elisabetta Haversat Faculty- Languages and Culture Part-Time Facultyehaversat@albertus.eduMain Campus
Susan Hawkshaw Faculty- Visual & Performing Arts Part-Time Facultyshawkshaw@albertus.eduMain Campus
Lynne Hennessy Office of the President Executive Assistant and Secretary to the President 203-773-85298529lhennessy@albertus.eduMain CampusMohun Hall
Lisa Hill Faculty- History & Political Science Part-Time Facultylbhill@albertus.eduMain Campus
James Holleran Faculty- Biology, Chemistry & Mathematics Part-Time Facultyjholleran@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Isaac Hon Faculty- Biology, Chemistry & Mathematics Professor of Chemistry203-401-46104610ihon@albertus.eduMain CampusTagliatela Academic Center104
Jennifer Honan Smith Faculty- English & Humanities Part-Time Facultyjhonansmith@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Julie Horelick Part-Time Facultyjhorelick@albertus.eduMain Campus
Carrie Horvath Faculty- Business & Management Part-Time Facultychorvath@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Peter Hsieh Faculty- Business & Management Associate Professor203-773-85438543phsieh@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall213B
Robert Hubbard Faculty Part-Time Facultyrhubbard@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Carol Huckaby Faculty- Human ServicesPart-Time Faculty / Director of Master of Science in Human Services 203-562-15901590chuckaby@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall113
Daniel Hurley Student Affairs Coordinator for Student Engagement 203-672-53195319dhurley@albertus.eduMain CampusCampus Center102 F
Caitlin Iannucci Faculty- M.A.A.T.C. Part-Time Facultyciannucci@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Emily Ifrach Faculty- M.A.A.T.C. Lecturereaifrach@albertus.eduMain Campus
Keira Integlia Athletics Head Field Hockey Coach/Athletic Administration Coordinator kinteglia@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletic Center
Help Desk ITS Library and Information Technology Services Help Desk 203-773-02050205its-help@albertus.eduMain CampusRosary Hall (Library)
Olivares Jason Admissions Admissions Counselor 203-773-85288528jolivares@albertus.eduMain CampusMohun Hall
Melissa John Faculty- Psychology Part-Time Facultymjohn@albertus.eduMain Campus
Anthony Johnson Faculty- Business & Management Part-Time Facultyajjohnson@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Deidre Johnson Faculty- Sociology & Criminal Justice Part-Time Facultydjohnson@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Kimberly Jones Faculty- Sociology & Criminal Justice Part-Time Facultykajones@albertus.eduMain Campus
Brenda Joslyn Faculty- Business & Management Assistant Professor and Faculty Advisor203-672-67726772bajoslyn@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall332
Stephen Joy Faculty- Psychology Professor / Chair Dept. of Psychology203-773-85558555sjoy@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall320
Laquita Joyner-Mcgraw Faculty- Communications Part-Time Facultyljoynermcgraw@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Elizabeth Karpf Division of Professional and Graduate Studies Administrative Assistant to the Dean for the Division of PGS & Events Coordinator 203-773-85058505ekarpf@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas HallPGS
Karen Kendrick Faculty- Sociology & Criminal Justice Director of the Sociology Program, Professor or Sociology203-773-85668566kkendrick@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall308
Jack Kerner Athletics Assistant Men's Lacrosse Coach jtkerner@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletic Center
Sr. Anne Kilbride Dominican Mission Assistant to the President for Dominican Mission203-401-20242024akilbride@albertus.eduMain CampusRosary Hall (Library)37
Hyigyung Kim Faculty- Biology, Chemistry & Mathematics Part-Time Facultyhkim@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Gail Kingston Education Programs Faculty- Education Part-Time Facultygkingston@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Paige Kinney Administration and Finance Research and Data Analyst 203-672-53245324pkinney@albertus.eduMain CampusRosary Hall (Library)30
Gregory Knobelsdorff Library and Information Technology Services Associate Director of Technical Services 203-773-85928592gknobelsdorff@albertus.eduMain CampusRosary Hall (Library)20B
Tarrah Knowlton Faculty- Business & Management Part-Time Facultytmknowlton@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Michael Kobylanski Athletics Director of Athletics 203-773-85788578mkobylanski@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletic Center
Maureen Kos Academic Affairs Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Special Events Coordinator 203-773-85398539mkos@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall109
Andrea Kovacs Communications and Marketing Vice President for Marketing & Community Relations 203-773-85238523akovacs@albertus.eduMain CampusMohun Annex
Ellen Kramer Faculty- Business & Management Part-Time Faculty203-773-85638563ekramer@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Julianne Kraus Business Office Sr. Student Accounts Administrator, Day Undergraduate, New Dimensions and Graduate Programs 203-773-85328532jkraus1@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall101
Barbara Krause Faculty- Biology, Chemistry & Mathematics Assistant Professor203-773-85498549bkrause@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall106
Adam Kyne Faculty- Psychology Part-Time Facultyamkyne@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Cory LaChance Education Programs Faculty- Education Part-Time Facultyclachance@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Lisa Landa Faculty- English & Humanities Part-Time Facultyllanda@albertus.eduMain Campus
John Lawrie Faculty- Sociology & Criminal Justice Associate Professor / Chair, Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice203-773-61426142jnlawrie@albertus.eduMain CampusTagliatela Academic Center201
Father Jordan Lenaghan Dominican Mission Chaplain jlenaghan@albertus.eduMain Campus
Main Line Public Safety 203-773-85098509publicsafety@albertus.eduMain CampusDominican Hall
Eileen Lopez-Cordone Division of Professional and Graduate Studies Assistant Director of Admission and Employer Liaison 203-672-67886788elopezcordone@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas HallPGS 18
Carlos Lourenco Athletics Assistant Men's Soccer Coach calourenco@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletic Center
Crystal Lowery Office of Advancement Advancement Operations Coordinator 203-672-66616661cnlowery@albertus.eduMain CampusMohun Hall
Jeffrey Luoma Administration and Finance Director of Institutional Effectiveness 203-773-85738573jluoma@albertus.eduMain CampusRosary Hall (Library)33
Willard Lustenader Faculty- Visual & Performing Arts Part-Time Facultywlustenader@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Jeanmarie Madden-Hennessey Faculty- Business & Management Part-Time Facultyjmaddenhennessey@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Elizabeth Magenheimer Health Services Nurse Practitioner 203-773-89388938healthclinic@albertus.eduMain CampusCampus Center2nd Floor
Receptionist Main Line Admissions Receptionist/Enrollment Operations 203-773-85018501Main CampusMohun Hall
Christopher Malizia Facilities Services Facilities Service Technician 203-773-85068506cmalizia@albertus.eduMain CampusDominican Hall
Cassandra Manning Student Affairs Associate Director of Residential Life & Community Standards and Title IX Coordinator 203-773-85848584cmanning1@albertus.eduMain CampusCampus Center102 G
Doreen Mantilia Faculty- Biology, Chemistry & Mathematics Part-Time Facultydmantilia@albertus.eduMain Campus
Kenneth Mathews Education Programs Faculty- Education Part-Time Facultykmathews@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Carli Matrisian Admissions Admissions Counselor 203-787-86348634carli.matrisian@albertus.eduMain CampusMohun Hall
Courtney Mattiace Health Services Director of Health and Wellness Services 203-672-53215321cmattiace@albertus.eduMain CampusCampus Center202
John McCann Library and Information Technology Services Reference Librarian 203-672-66826682jmccann@albertus.eduMain CampusRosary Hall (Library)
Susan McCaslin Faculty- Visual & Performing Arts Part-Time Facultysmccaslin@albertus.eduMain Campus
Stuart McCunn Faculty- History & Political Science Part-Time Facultysmccunn@albertus.eduMain Campus
Michael McGivern Faculty Part-Time Facultymmcgivern@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Margaret McNellis Faculty- English & Humanities Part-Time Facultymmcnellis@albertus.eduMain Campus
Terence McPartland Business Office Bursar and Business Office Manager 203-672-66476647tmcpartland@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall101
Karreem Mebane Faculty- Philosophy & Religious Studies Part-Time Facultykamebane@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Tim Meyers Library and Information Technology Services Director of Library and Technical Services 203-773-44344434tmeyers@albertus.eduMain CampusRosary Hall (Library)42
Teresa Miconi Facilities Services Facilities General Maintenance 203-773-85068506tjmiconi@albertus.eduMain CampusDominican Hall
Alyssa Migliorini Athletics Assistant Women's Tennis Coach amigliorini@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletic Center
Bob Migliorini Athletics Head Women's & Men's Tennis Coach 203-200-8065rmigliorini@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletic Center
David Mikhail Library and Information Technology Services Network Analyst 203-786-30263026dmikhail@albertus.eduMain CampusRosary Hall (Library)31
Robert Mitchell Faculty- Biology, Chemistry & Mathematics Part-Time Facultyrmitchell1@albertus.eduMain Campus
Arthur Mollengarden Faculty Part-Time Facultyamollengarden@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Erin Morrell Student Affairs Associate Dean for Student Engagement & New Student Orientation 203-773-85418541emorrell@albertus.eduMain CampusCampus Center102 L
Michael Morrissey Admissions Interim Director of Enrollment Operations 203-773-44754475mmorrissey@albertus.eduMain CampusMohun Hall
Mia Mulin Athletics Assistant Sports Information Director 203
Amy Mullen Education Programs Faculty- Education Part-Time Facultyamullen@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Clara Munson Faculty- Business & Management Professor of Business Management203-773-85378537cmunson@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall303
James Murphy Financial Aid Interim Director of Financial Aid 917-817-0198
Jun Nable Faculty- Biology, Chemistry & Mathematics Part-Time Facultyjcnable@albertus.eduMain Campus
Gregory Neagle Faculty- Psychology Part-Time Facultygneagle@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Moinolmoki Neda Faculty- Psychology Full Time Facultynmoinolmolki@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall210
Jerome Nevins Faculty- Visual & Performing Arts Professor / Chair, Department of Arts and Communications203-773-85468546jnevins@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall203
Stephen Novodor Athletics Head Women's Ice Hockey Coach 203-223-8266snovodor@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletics Center
Donald Nowill Faculty- Business & Management Part-Time Facultydpnowill@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Cynthia O'Brien Academic Affairs, Education Programs Administrative Assistant, Licensing and Certification Coordinator for Clinical & Education Programs 203-773-69986998cobrien1@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas HallG16
Sean O'Connell Academic Affairs Faculty- Philosophy & Religious StudiesVice President for Academic Affairs & Dean of Faculty Professor203-773-85398539soconnell@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall109
Stephanie O'Leary Business Office Interim Controller 203-672-66466646soleary1@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas HallG2
Alisa Ocone Admissions Admission Counselor 203-773-44714471aocone@albertus.eduMain CampusMohun Hall
Business Office Business Office General Inquiries 203-786-30253025businessoffice@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall101
Ndubisi Okeke Faculty- Business & Management Part-Time Facultynokeke@albertus.eduMain Campus
Mitchell Oliver Athletics Assistant Athletic Director - Recruiting/Head Men's Basketball Coach 203-773-85758575moliver@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletic Center
John Onofrio Business Office Controller 203-672-53155315jonofrio@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas HallG2
Charee Osborne Athletics Graduate Assistant Women's Basketball
Donna Pallanti Education Programs Faculty- Education Certification Officer, edTPA Coordinator 203-773-44214421dpallanti@albertus.eduMain CampusWeldon Hall102
Suzanne Palmieri Faculty Part-Time Facultysupalmieri@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Samantha Pannone Human Resources Human Resources Generalist 203-773-44784478spannone@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas HallPGS 15
Lauren Parisi Registrar Registration & Military Benefits Coordinator 203-773-85148514lrparisi@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall120
Jacqueline Patron Division of Professional and Graduate Studies Interim Director of Admissions 203-672-67686768jcpatron@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas HallPGS 11
David Pecoraro Faculty- Business & Management Part-Time Facultydpecoraro@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Raymond Pennoyer Faculty Part-Time Facultyrppennoyer@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Bonnie Pepper Faculty- Psychology Associate Professor203-773-85458545bpepper@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall204
Dinesh Perera Faculty Part-Time Facultydperera@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Gina Perez Division of Professional and Graduate Studies Senior Enrollment Coordinator 203-672-67796779glperez@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas HallPGS 15
Jason Perrier Athletics Assistant Men's Basketball Coach jPerrier@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletic Center
George Petrunia Mailroom Mail Services Operations Coordinator 203-773-85508550gpetrunia@albertus.eduMain CampusCampus CenterMailroom 218
Cyndell Pickett Business Office Accounts Payable Specialist 203-773-85318531cpickett@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas HallG2
Lisa Pietrosimone Education Programs Faculty- Education Part-Time Facultylpietrosimone@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Allison Pinto Athletics Associate Head Athletic Trainer 203-773-44724472apinto@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletic Center
Alicia Piselli Faculty- English & Humanities Part-Time Facultyaapiselli@albertus.eduMain Campus
Dajanese Polk AthleticsAssistant Women's Basketball Coach dpolk@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletic Center
Kelly Provenzano Faculty- Biology, Chemistry & Mathematics Part-Time Facultykprovenzano@albertus.eduMain Campus
Ryan Quinn Athletics Assistant Men's Golf Coach rtquinn@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletic Center
Charles Rafferty Faculty Part-Time Facultycrafferty@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Norberto Ramirez Faculty- Business & Management Part-Time Facultynramirez@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Miriam Randall Student Affairs Coordinator for International Student Services & Engagement 203-672-10551055mrandall@albertus.eduMain CampusCampus Center102 H
Student Services Reception Student Affairs Student Services Reception 203-401-30543054studentservices@albertus.eduMain CampusCampus Center102
Sarah Reed Faculty- Visual & Performing Arts Chorus Directorsreed1@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Mary Reilly Faculty- Business & Management Part-Time Facultymareilly@albertus.eduMain Campus
Kayla Resto Athletics Athletics Graduate Assistant kresto@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletic Center
Tracy Reveliotty Admissions Admissions Counselor 203-773-85898589treveliotty@albertus.eduMain CampusMohun Hall
Sr. Rosemary Reynolds, SNDdeN Office of Career and Professional Development Associate Director of Employment Partnerships & Career Coaching203-401-40464046rreynolds@albertus.eduMain CampusRosary Hall (Library)34
Shiva Rezvan Faculty- Psychology Assistant Professor203-672-6770srezvan@albertus.eduMain Campus
Steven Rignoli Office of Advancement Director of Advancement Operations & Digital Fundraising 203-672-66626662sarignoli@albertus.eduMain CampusMohun Hall
John Ritchie Public Safety Director of Public Safety 203-773-69236923jritchie@albertus.eduMain CampusDominican Hall
Paul Robichaud Faculty- English & Humanities Professor / Chair Dept. of English203-773-85568556probichaud@albertus.eduMain CampusWeldon Hall204
Geoff Rowntree Athletics Assistant Men's Ice Hockey Coach growntree@comcast.netMain CampusAthletic Center
Eddie Sam Library and Information Technology Services Video Media Coordinator and Network Analyst 203-773-89548954esam@albertus.eduMain CampusRosary Hall (Library)
June Sangapore Division of Professional and Graduate Studies Associate Dean for Student Success and Retention 203-672-67616761jsangapore@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas HallPGS 4
Alisha Sanzone Faculty- Biology, Chemistry & Mathematics Part-Time Facultyajsanzone@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Cynthia Sarlo Education Programs Faculty- Education Part-Time Facultycmsarlo@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Nicholas Scalia Faculty- Communications Part-Time Facultynrscalia@albertus.eduMain Campus
Mark Schaffer Faculty- Business & Management Part-Time Facultymsschaffer@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
James Schafrick Business Office Assistant Vice President for Finance & Operations 203-773-85078507jschafrick@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall108
Glenn Scheneman Faculty- Business & Management Part-Time Facultygscheneman@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Claudia Schiavone Faculty- Visual & Performing Arts Part-Time Facultycschiavone2@albertus.eduMain Campus
Eric Schoeck Faculty- English & Humanities Assistant Professor203-672-67756775eschoeck@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas HallPGS 19
Steven Sciaraffa Library and Information Technology Services Library Technology and Resources Coordinator 203-672-67986798ssciaraffa@albertus.eduMain CampusRosary Hall (Library)17
Jeffrey Scott Part-Time Facultyjscott@albertus.eduMain Campus
James Scott Athletics Faculty- Sociology & Criminal JusticeFaculty Athletics Representative / Assistant Professor / Faculty Advisor203-672-53065306jtscott@albertus.eduMain Campus
Patricia Scussel Faculty Part-Time Facultypscussel@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Dan Secore Facilities Services Facilities Services Supervisor 203-773-85068506dsecore@albertus.eduMain CampusDominican Hall
Alana Sejdic Academic Affairs Director of Academic and Student Disability Services 203-672-10501050asejdic@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall114
Matthew Sheehan Library and Information Technology Services Scholarly Communications & Collections Development Librarian 203-773-85958595msheehan@albertus.eduMain CampusRosary Hall (Library)17
Christopher Shine Library and Information Technology Services Instructional Technology Specialist 203-672-66876687cjshine@albertus.eduMain CampusRosary Hall (Library)20D
Peter Sinclair Faculty Part-Time Facultypsinclair@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Nicola Singh Faculty- History & Political Science Assistant Professor / Chair, Dept. of History and Political Science203-401-20682068nsingh@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall212
Kobey Smith Academic Affairs Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship Coordinator 203-672-10521052kwsmith@albertus.eduMain CampusCampus Center104
Jennifer Snow Division of Professional and Graduate Studies Student Services Coordinator 203-773-02740274jmsnow@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas HallPGS 7
Camille Solbrig Faculty- Biology, Chemistry & Mathematics Part-Time Facultycsolbrig@albertus.eduMain Campus
Jonathan Sozek Faculty- Philosophy & Religious Studies Director of the Arts and Humanities Collaborative, Assistant Professor / Co-Director Honors Program203-773-85548554jsozek@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall228
Hilda Speicher Faculty- Psychology Part-Time Faculty 203-773-85488548hspeicher@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall210
Jenny Spyres Faculty- English & Humanities Reading and Writing Specialist203-773-02530253jspyres@albertus.eduMain CampusRosary Hall41
Tatiana St. Juste Athletics Head Swim Coach/Aquatics Director/Athletic Diversity Inclusion Designee 203-672-67786778tstjuste@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletic Center
Lori Stancil Division of Professional and Graduate Studies Academic Advisor 203-773-85128512lstancil@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas HallPGS 8
Eva Steinberg Business Office Assistant Controller 203-672-66466646esteinberg@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas HallG2
Tahlya Stevenson Education Programs Faculty- Education Instructional Coordinator of the AAP Programtmstevenson@albertus.eduMain Campus
Christopher Stone Education Programs Faculty- Education Part-Time Facultycjstone@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Toni Storlazzi Faculty- Psychology Part-Time Facultytstorlazzi@albertus.eduMain Campus
Lauri Strimkovsky Business Office VP for Finance and Administration 203-773-85168516lstrimkovsky@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall102
Steven Strom Faculty- Sociology & Criminal Justice Part-Time Facultysrstrom@albertus.eduMain Campus
Michael Sulkis Faculty Part-Time Facultymsulkis@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Renee Sullivan Human Resources Director of Human Resources 203-773-44744474rsullivan@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas HallPGS 14
Laurie Talbot Singer Faculty- Psychology Part-Time Facultyltsinger@albertus.eduMain Campus
Elena Tamayo Heitz Health Services Registered Nurse 203-773-89388938etamayoheitz@albertus.eduMain CampusCampus Center210
Michelle Tardif Education Programs Faculty- Education Part-Time Facultymtardif@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Nan Taylor Faculty- Psychology Part-Time Facultyntaylor@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Raymond Torrenti Faculty- Psychology Part-Time Facultyrtorrenti@albertus.eduMain Campus
Renee Triller Communications and Marketing Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Enrollment Management and Marketing 203-672-66776677rtriller@albertus.eduMain Campus
Loel Tronsky Education Programs Faculty- Education Professor of Psychology and Education203-773-85618561ltronsky@albertus.eduMain CampusWeldon Hall203
John Tuozzoli Facilities Services Facilities Service Technician 203-773-85068506jtuozzoli@albertus.eduMain Campus
Troy Turner Faculty Part-Time Facultytturner@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Samantha Tyrrel Communications and Marketing Digital Content Producer 203-773-85268526styrrel@albertus.eduMain CampusMohun Annex
Kyisha Velazquez Faculty- Psychology Part-Time Facultykkvelazquez@albertus.eduMain Campus
John Velleca Faculty- Sociology & Criminal Justice Part-Time Facultyjdvelleca@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Victoria Verderame Faculty- Communications Part-Time Facultyvverderame@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Tarishi Verma Faculty- Visual & Performing Arts Assistant Professor203-773-85598559tverma@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall313A
Diana Vesely Faculty Part-Time Facultydvesely@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Joseph Veth Education Programs Faculty- Education Professor of Education and Humanities203-773-85728572jveth@albertus.eduMain CampusWeldon Hall201
Matthew Waggoner Faculty- Philosophy & Religious Studies Professor / Chair, Dept. of Philosophy & Religion / Director of the Urban Studies Program203-752-87628762mwaggoner@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall226
Nicholas Wajnowski Athletics Senior Associate Director of Athletics/Head Women's Soccer Coach 203-773-85798579nwajnowski@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletic Center
Kyle Wallack Athletics Head Men's Ice Hockey Coach 203-672-66836683kwallack@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletic CenterG12
Sarah Wallman Faculty- English & Humanities Professor / Co-Director MFA Program203-773-44734473swallman@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall316
Craig Washington Faculty- Sociology & Criminal Justice Part-Time Facultycwashington1@albertus.eduMain Campus
John Wasserman Faculty- Management & Leadership Part-Time Facultyjwasserman@albertus.eduMain Campus
Ryan Wearne Athletics Assistant Women's Field Hockey and Lacrosse Coach rwearne@albertus.eduMain CampusAthletic Center
Bruce Weckworth Admissions Interim Director of Admissions 203-787-86358635bweckworth@albertus.eduMain CampusMohun Hall
Stephanie Wemm Faculty- Psychology Part-Time Facultyswemm@albertus.eduMain Campus
Rosemary Whelan Faculty- Biology, Chemistry & Mathematics Associate Professor of Biology and Chemistryrwhelan@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall
Catie White Library and Information Technology Services Community Services Librarian and College Archivist 203-672-66816681scwhite@albertus.eduMain CampusRosary Hall (Library)16
Heather Wotton Academic Affairs Director of Academic Advisement and Student Success 203-773-85588558hwotton@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall224
Charles Wyatt Division of Marketing and Community Relations Website Developer 203-773-85948594cwyatt@albertus.eduMain CampusRosary Hall (Library)30
Mary Young Office of Advancement Vice President for Advancement 203-773-85218521myoung@albertus.eduMain CampusMohun Hall
Bryan Younger Division of Marketing and Community Relations Project Coordinator for Internal Communications & Micro-credentials 203-773-89518951byounger@albertus.eduMain CampusRosary Hall
Joy Zelikovsky Faculty- Psychology Part-Time Facultyjzelikovsky@albertus.eduMain CampusAquinas Hall