Dominican Ministries

Rooted in the four pillars of the Dominican tradition, our Dominican Ministries office seeks to cultivate spiritual engagement, dedication to service, and a holistic way of life amongst our students and greater community. While acting in a way that promotes the robust Catholic heritage of the college, the Dominican Ministries office seeks to support all persons of all faith traditions in their spiritual development and service to our global community. It is our mission and hope that this office:

  • Engages in the pursuit of truth and life long learning
  • Facilitates an environment for participants to encounter the divine, through prayer, service, or human encounters
  • Lives out the Catholic faith in a way that is inclusive and engaging
  • Allows students to become leaders in their lives and communities
  • Promotes faith and justice in action, as well as lifts up the common good
  • Explores the bigger meanings that life has to offer
  • Be a space for sharing and community

Please stop by our office or reach out if you would ever like to get involved with Dominican Ministries. Students, faculty, and staff from all faith backgrounds are welcomed and encouraged to participate and share.



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Advent Reflections 2022

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Advent Reflections: Second Sunday of Advent - Sunday, December 4, 2022 (video)

Advent Reflections: Third Sunday of Advent - Sunday, December 11, 2022 (video)

Advent Reflections: Fourth Sunday of Advent - Sunday, December 18, 2022 (video)

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Fra Angelico Art and Preaching - February 16, 2022