Workforce Alliance

Workforce Alliance and Albertus Magnus College are collaborating to connect graduates from key STEM programs: manufacturing, engineering, information technology/computer science, finance and healthcare with jobs.

How Workforce Alliance Works

Workforce Alliance offers state and federally-funded incentives to Connecticut employers to hire in these fields, with a particular focus on South Central CT.

A Workforce Alliance Business Services Specialist will talk with you and review your resume. They will check to see if your education, experience and certifications match participating employer needs. If there is a good match, they will craft an incentive package that gets you hired. An employer may:

  • Hire you directly
  • Hire and train you on-the-job to suit their specific needs
  • Offer a paid internship
  • Request you earn an additional industry certification, funded by Workforce Alliance

There is no application and in most cases, no income verification. Employer incentives are largely based on hiring people who have education or experience, but who have been out of the workforce or working less than full-time, below capacity or outside your chosen field. Workforce Alliance will assess your individual situation.

How To Apply

  1. Discuss your career goals Workforce Alliance and their Business Services Specialist.
  2. Work with Albertus’ Office of Career & Professional Development to get your resume updated and error-free.
  3. Attend an information session at the American Job Center at 560 Ella T. Grasso Blvd., New Haven.
  4. Provide your resume and discuss your employment situation with a Business Services Specialist. Your resume may be forwarded to immediate job openings, and you will be coached on how to reach out to other employers.
  5. Be ready for interviews! Employers will schedule directly with you if they are interested.
  6. Once an employer decides to make an offer, a Business Services Specialist will step in to process the incentive to the employer. You and the employer will agree on a start date and negotiate hours and salary. Incentives are paid as reimbursements to the employer based on your hourly rate.
  7. Enjoy your new job! After the incentive period, you stay on as an employee.

Check out job postings linked from the Workforce Alliance and also on and the CTDOL's free job search board.