Falconships for Employers

What is a Falconship?

Falconship LogoFalconships are short-term, project-based assignments offered by organizations virtually. Projects can take anywhere from one week to a few months to complete and usually range from 5 to 40 hours of work. Projects can be conducted year-round, and students are paid a fixed fee that is determined by the company who posted the project. Falconships complement existing experiential learning and may appeal to those who do not have the financial or academic flexibility to re-locate for a full-time internship.

The Better Way to Attract and Hire Early-Career Talent

Falconships connect companies to students and alumni by engaging in professional work opportunities that benefit both the company and the candidate. Falconships allow companies and organizations to post projects and have them completed by students and alumni. They are simultaneously sourcing talent for future, full-time opportunities when a career opens up. Employers can begin to see a candidate’s skills and work ethic in their Falconships. Falconships can complement existing recruiting efforts by appealing to candidates who might not complete traditional training or be ready for a full-time opportunity.

Falconship Highlights

Meet Our Students

Venetia Ndabian

Venetia Ndabian '23

Venetia Ndabian is the first student to complete a 'Falconship' at Albertus Magnus College. Venetia applied what she learned in the classroom and her skills as a manager to succeed at Guidewell. Not only did she get real professional experience, but she got paid for her time!

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Benefits of Hosting Falconships

  • Enhance your pipeline of highly motivated untapped talent
  • Provide opportunities to diverse and first-generation candidates
  • Improve hiring effectiveness of Connecticut natives
  • Address resource needs with on-demand support
  • Evaluate candidates to ensure mutual fit and possible employment
  • Reduce new hire attrition
  • Support students’ academic outcomes and career readiness

How to Host Falconships

Albertus Magnus College connects students and employers to Falconship opportunities through the Parker Dewey* platform. Follow the directions below; if you have any questions, email careerservices@albertus.edu

  1. Create an account on Falconship in less than five minutes**
  2. Post projects for which you are seeking help. You can choose to make your project exclusive to Albertus students/grads or available to students nationwide
  3. Wait for Falcon candidates to apply
  4. Select the best Falcon candidate(s) for your project(s)

*There is no cost to post your project with Parker Dewey, and the student(s) you select receive 90% of the amount you budgeted for the project.  Students are on Parker Dewey’s books, so there is no payroll, legal, or HR burden for your organization.

**All projects posted through Parker Dewey are required to be paid