Student Falconship

What is a Falconship?

Falconship LogoFalconships are innovative short-term programs that have taken the world by storm. Unlike internships that have existed for decades, Falconships differ in their implementation and flexibility. Micro-Internships are short-term, paid, professional engagements by different organizations and are usually offered virtually. These engagements or projects usually last between 5 to 40 hours of work, all are paid, and opportunities occur consistently throughout the year. 

Your Falconship will connect you with experiential learning opportunities outside of the classroom of which you may not otherwise have been made aware. These precise, project-based positions—often in areas such as business, marketing, data entry, content creation, and so much more—provides employers a scalable way to engage with you and allows you to explore career interests and develop your professional resume. Falconships complement existing experiential learning and may appeal to those who do not have the financial or academic flexibility to re-locate for a full-time internship.

Introducing Falconships for Albertus Students and Recent Grads

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Falconship Highlights

Meet Our Students

Venetia Ndabian

Venetia Ndabian '23

Venetia Ndabian is the first student to complete a 'Falconship' at Albertus Magnus College. Venetia applied what she learned in the classroom and her skills as a manager to succeed at Guidewell. Not only did she get real professional experience, but she got paid for her time!

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Benefits of Falconships

  • Expand your resume by completing projects for a diverse array of areas of interest
  • Develop transferable skills and NACE core competencies in areas of your expertise 
  • Evaluate and network with companies for future full-time opportunities
  • Build professional and personal networks
  • Improve academic outcomes and career readiness

How to Apply for Falconships

Albertus Magnus College connects students and employers to Falconship opportunities through the Parker Dewey* platform. Follow the directions below; if you have any questions email .

  • Create your Falconships account on Parker Dewey in less than five minutes
  • Reminder: Falconships (Micro-Internships) found on Parker Dewey are seperate from Internships found on Handshake.
  • Complete your entire profile – Make sure to fill in all sections to separate your skills and abilities to prospective employers
  • Apply for projects that interest you

Falconships are posted regularly all throughout the year and tend to get filled within a few days of being posted.  The most successful students log in every day or two, see what’s new, and apply to all projects of interest right away.