Falcon Bike Share

Albertus Magnus is a proud participant in the Laudato Si’ Action Platform, an international effort for Catholic institutions to build cultures of sustainability and environmental justice. Our Laudato Si’ Action Team is pursuing ways to, in the words of Pope Francis, “recover a serene harmony with creation, reflecting on our lifestyle and our ideals” (Laudato Si’ 225).


As part of this effort, we invite students to join the Falcon Bike Share! Cycling reduces energy use and pollution, but it also helps us connect with our surroundings and our neighbors. Riding a bike gives you more options for exploring New Haven, whether for a leisurely ride at a park, a visit to a cafe or restaurant, or a trek to a job or internship.

How does it work?

The Bike Share is open in the fall semester until Thanksgiving and in the spring semester following Spring Break.  Members can check out a bike for a few hours or a day. Bikes are available for borrowing from the Public Safety Office in the back of Dominican Hall 7 days a week, from 7am-7pm. Bikes must be returned by 7pm each day.

How can I become a member?

Fill out the Falcon Bike Share registration form.

After you hear from us that your registration is complete, you can check out a bike!

What else do I need to know?

As a member of the Falcon Bike Share, you agree to take safety precautions to protect yourself and the bicycles:

  • We highly recommend that you wear a helmet and brightly-colored clothing when you ride. You can get a free helmet by participating in a campus cycling event or in the Public Safety office when the bike share is in season.
  • We also recommend that you participate in bike safety programs offered by the college (such as Smart Cycling 1) to build confidence in cycling safely in traffic.
  • When you are not using the bike, keep it secure and locked at all times. Use the lock on the frame rather than on the tires.
  • When you have a bike checked out, you are the only person who can use it. Do not share the bike with somebody else.

Here are some other policies you should know:

  • To prevent theft, we have installed GPS trackers on each bike. You might receive a notification on your phone that a tracker is nearby. We look at the tracking data only if a safety issue arises or if a bike is missing.
  • If you return a bike after 7pm, lend the bike to somebody else, or cause damage to a bike or lock, your membership in the program will be suspended and you will need to meet with a member of the Bike Share Team before you can borrow again.

Student Group Bike Share Reservations

The bikes can be reserved by registered student groups. Here’s how it works:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reserve a bike in advance? 

Bikes are available on a first-come, first-served basis. We reserve bikes only for these reasons:

  • You need to borrow a bike for the Smart Cycling 1 class.
  • A student group coordinates with us to reserve bikes for a sanctioned activity.
  • A bike needs maintenance. 

Where are some good places to ride? 

There are lots of nearby places of interest within biking distance:

  • We are just a half-mile down Winchester Avenue from the Farmington Canal Bike Trail. You can take the trail downtown, through Newhallville and Hamden, and further north.
  • Edgerton Park and East Rock Park offer space for exploring nature, enjoying a picnic, or attending events like community gatherings and outdoor concerts.
  • Orange Street (near East Rock Park) has lots of cafes, stores, and restaurants. Science Park (down Winchester Avenue) also has several new cafes and restaurants (Fussy Coffee is a favorite coffee and lunch spot for many Albertus Community members!)

What happens if something goes wrong while I am out riding (eg. the bike is broken or stolen, or I get hurt)?

Call Albertus Public Safety at (203) 507-5204. 

I don’t know how to ride a bike! Can you teach me?

We can put you in touch with instructors who offer free classes for beginners. Email edunar@albertus.edu for more information.