Housing Amenities


Dominican Hall features shared kitchenettes, which contain a sink, microwave, and counter space for food preparation. Additionally, the first two floors also have vending machines with food and drink available for purchase. Every kitchenette also features a filtered hydration station with a drinking fountain and water bottle filler.

The mansion residence halls each feature a full kitchen on the ground floor, equipped with a sink, microwave, full refrigerator, and stove/oven. Students can often be found cooking delicious meals in these spacious kitchens. Students must provide their own cooking utensils.

Common Rooms and Study Lounges

Each residence hall features common areas that are available for all residents to use. Some lounges are social spaces (with TVs, pool tables, etc.), while some are dedicated study spaces (computers, white boards, etc.). Dominican Hall has one common room on each floor, while the mansions each have between one and three common rooms. These rooms are open 24/7 for student use.


Each residence hall has laundry facilities with washing machines and dryers for students to use. All laundry machines are free, but students must supply their own detergent. Laundry facilities are located in the following places:

  • Dominican Hall: ground floor
  • Nilan Hall: first floor, adjacent to kitchen
  • Sansbury Hall: first floor, across from kitchen
  • Siena Hall: first floor, adjacent to kitchen

Outdoor Spaces

Our mansion residence halls each feature beautiful outdoor spaces that are available for student use. Siena Hall has a patio with a picnic table on the south side of the building. Sansbury Hall has a large backyard with picnic tables and space for playing outdoor games. Most notably, Nilan Hall features an impeccably landscaped backyard with ample seating (tables/benches, Adirondack chairs, etc.), space for activities, and a fire pit. Students are encouraged to enjoy the outdoors and take advantage of these wonderful spaces!


All students are provided with standard residence hall furniture. This includes a bed, mattress, dresser, and either a wardrobe, closet, or a second dresser. Some spaces also have desks. Additionally, all rooms have access to cable TV and wireless internet.

Students are encouraged to make their rooms as comfortable as possible to promote social and academic interactions. For additional storage space, students may bring plastic containers/drawers into their rooms.

Futon couches are also permitted. In compliance with fire code, resident should be aware of the following when bringing a futon into the residence hall:

  • Futons may be no longer than 65 inches and they must be flame retardant and in compliance with fire regulations
  • Only one futon per room is allowed
  • The futon must not block the door to the room or in any manner that would impede egress
  • The futon must arrive to campus in the box in which it was purchased. Futons that arrive already assembled and not in the corresponding box will be denied entry into the residence halls

It is the responsibility of the student to remove the futon from the room upon moving-out. Futons left behind will be discarded/donated and a $75.00 moving charge will be applied to the student’s account.

Information Technology

All residence hall rooms are equipped with wireless high-speed internet and cable TV access. To connect smart devices to the WiFi (such as Smart TVs, streaming devices, and gaming consoles), students must connected to the Albertus Users network to generate a key for your gaming device/tv register these devices with the network following these directions .