Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence

Welcome to the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (CTLE) at Albertus Magnus College. The Center is designed to help faculty develop as teachers, scholars, and community members. Visit the various CTLE webpages for resources on evidence-based teaching practices that align with the liberal-arts mission of the College, and are relevant to the students we serve. You will also find technical information to support today’s need for online teaching.

With CTLE, faculty will have opportunities to learn and grow in the ever-changing landscape of higher education and to develop as lifelong learners. 

To support student success, CTLE provides the faculty resources on the following topics:

Student-Centered Instruction
Instructional practices and strategies that place our students as drivers of their own education. This empowering form of education includes problem-based learning, self-reflections, dialogue, among other strategies in which students are active participants in their education.

Cultural-Relevant Curriculum
Teaching that integrates our students’ lives with the course content and their discipline, more broadly. This allows students to use their own lived experiences and cultural knowledge to learn new ways of viewing the world around them.

Experiential Learning
Resources to help instructors maximize the impact of immersive learning experiences on their students (i.e. internship, research, service). This set of strategies prepare students as knowledgeable and competent practitioners and community members, who can apply subject-matter concepts to the world around them.

CTLE partners with other areas of the college (i.e. counseling, advising, career services) to ensure and sustain a holistic approach to student learning and development.

In addition to this website, CTLE offers faculty development in a variety of forms: webinars, workshops, keynote speakers, and individual consultations.