Albertus Magnus College Offers New Major: Supply Chain Management

Only Undergraduate Program in New England Offering Focus on Both Retail Service and Manufacturing Sectors

New Haven, Conn., March 30, 2021 Albertus Magnus College is on the cutting edge of education with its new Bachelor of  Science degree in Supply Chain Management, providing a unique way to meet the demand of today’s employment needs.  Starting in the Fall of 2021, this major - the only traditional undergraduate program offering a focus on both the retail service  and manufacturing sectors of the field - will be offered and the timing couldn’t be more impactful. Recently, President Biden signed an executive order to ensure a stable and reliable supply chain in an effort to avoid shortages in medical equipment,  semiconductors, and other goods seen as critical during the pandemic. 

A Supply Chain Management degree is part of the big picture thinking outlined in the College’s strategic plan, Albertus 2025:  Lighting the Way to a Second Century, which was endorsed in March 2020. That plan calls for the development of new  academic programming that prepares students for a rapidly changing, globally interconnected world. Students would learn  how to design, plan, and execute all business processes from procurement to transformation of the product and then the  distribution of those goods or services; there would be both an in-person and online component to this learning. According to  the US Department of Labor Bureau of Statics, an undergraduate degree in this field could lead to jobs as a logistician or  analyst, with an entry level salary of $70,000. In Connecticut alone, the demand for these types of jobs is projected to grow by 8.5 percent by 2028. 

“Today’s business environment requires a critical understanding of all aspects of the supply chain. Regardless of whether you  work for a traditional retailer or a high-tech online company, it is essential to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of the  steps that assure a product matches customer demand. The Albertus Magnus College Supply Chain Management program is built upon a strong liberal arts foundation which prepares students to be problem solvers and critical thinkers capable of  analyzing data in practical ways,” said Albertus’ Chair of Business Programs, William A. Aniskovich, JD. 

“Among the greatest strengths of Albertus has been its nimbleness in creating and delivering vibrant, relevant programs that  have as their constant being rooted in the liberal arts tradition that serves as the soil for nurturing insight and innovation. All  of our recent new programs remain true to that tradition and stand as a testament to the faculty’s extraordinary, ongoing  ability to respond to the ever-changing times,” said Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Sean P. O’Connell. 

In the Fall of 2020, Albertus announced a degree in Game and Computer Arts to foster independent creative abilities, computer programming and design, and imaginative thinking.

About Albertus Magnus College

About Albertus Magnus College: Albertus Magnus College, founded in 1925, is a Catholic College in the Dominican tradition. It is recognized by external rankings such as US News & World Report Best Colleges, Money Magazine, and the Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education. The College has an enrollment of 1,500 students in its traditional undergraduate program, accelerated adult degree programs, and 12 graduate programs, including a new Master of Public Administration and the only Master of Arts in Art Therapy and Counseling program in Connecticut. In the last year, the College received two significant Federal grants in support of student success and well-being: a $300,000 grant from the Department of Justice and a $1.9 million Title III grant from the Department of Education.