Vehicles on Campus

If you park a car on College property, you do so at your own risk.

All students, faculty and staff who park on campus must register their vehicle and display a College permit/decal. Permits are available at the Public Safety office located in Dominican Hall. The permit must be affixed to the lower driver side front windshield. Motorcycles are vehicles and must also be registered on campus, however the requirement to display a permit is waived. The transfer, exchange, misuse, or reproduction of the decal is unauthorized and violators are subject to ticketing and towing enforcement. There is no cost to register a vehicle on campus. 

Parking is permitted only in designated parking lots by sticker type. 

  • Resident Student parking: McAullife Hall, Sansbury Hall, Siena Hall, Nilan Hall, and Tier Lot. 
  • Special: Residents may park in the Athletic Center, Campus Center and Tagliatela lots between 5 pm and 8:30 am
  • 490 Apartments: Restricted to those students who receive assigned parking spaces. 490 permits may also park in the Tier Lot on campus
  • 490 residents who are not assigned a space will receive a commuter parking permit
  • Commuter/Part Time/PGS Students: Tier Lot, Athletic, Campus Center and Aquinas side lots. Aquinas Rear Lot is reserved for Faculty/Staff only. 
  • Faculty/Staff: All parking lots except 490 Apartments

Guests must register their vehicles with Public Safety and display a Visitor/Guest pass. Guests will be directed to parking based on their purpose for visiting campus. 

  • Faculty/Staff guests may park near the facility visiting
  • Student guests must park in the Tier Lot

The campus speed limit is 15 miles per hour and all vehicles on campus must be property registered and insured with the state which the student or employee resides. Vehicles may not be left on campus in a state of disrepair. Vehicles that appear abandoned, inoperable or unregistered will be towed at the owner’s expense. 

All vehicles must be operated in a safe manner on campus. Unsafe operation includes, but not limited to, excessive speed/acceleration, driving on sidewalks, failure to yield to pedestrians, failing to adhere to stop or one-way signs, failure to stop for school busses, or reckless driving as defined under Conn. Gen. Stat. Section 14-222.

Handicap parking spaces are available throughout campus and are for those who have a state issued handicap parking permit. The permit can only be used if the recipient of the permit has traveled to campus in the vehicle. Fraudulent use of a handicap permit will result in ticketing and/or towing of a vehicle. Handicap permits must be clearly visible and unobstructed in any way. 

A Purple Heart parking space is available for our community members who have served in the armed forces and received a Purple Heart as a result of injuries sustained in combat. The Purple Heart parking space is adjacent to Aquinas Hall, clearly marked and painted purple. Violators will be ticketed and/or towed. 

The College assumes no responsibility for damage or theft of any vehicle parked on College property. We remind everyone to always lock your doors. 

Ticketing and Towing Enforcement

The College reserves the right to remove any vehicle that creates a hazard to life and/or property on campus and/or is parked in fire lanes, 10 feet of a fire hydrant, tow away zones, handicapped spaces, parking in Rosary Circle, on grass, and other no parking areas without notice to the owner/operator. 

Towing of vehicles generally occurs at the expense of the owner/operator and the recovery of the vehicle is the responsibility of the owner/ operator. The College does not assume responsibility for alleged or actual damages resulting from a vehicle being towed.

Chronic Violators

Students that are identified as chronic violators will lose their privilege to park on campus. Vehicles that are identified five times for parking or minor moving violations will be considered chronic violators. Severe moving violations may result in immediate placement onto the chronic violators list. Chronic violators will be towed from campus regardless of proper parking.  

Parking and motor vehicle violation appeals may be submitted in writing to the Director of Public Safety who will collaborate with a representative from the Dean of Students Office and one Faculty member to adjudicate the appeal. 

490 Parking and Lottery

490 Prospect Street has limited parking available. The parking lot has 24 available parking spaces and one handicap parking space. Five of the parking spaces are reserved for staff/residents at the front building while the remaining 19 spaces are for residents of the back two buildings. Parking spaces will be assigned to specific residents through a lottery system. Violators who park in assigned spaces are subject to ticketing and towing enforcement. 

Due to limited parking at 490 Prospect, residents who reside at 490 are eligible to enter a lottery for an assigned parking space. The random drawing will occur approximately one week before move in weekend and residents will be notified of the outcome. 

Lottery eligibility: 

  1. Must reside at 490
  2. Must have a vehicle
  3. Vehicle must be registered on campus
  4. Vehicles must display a campus parking permit
  5. Vehicles that prove to be problematic (chronic violators) on campus will be ineligible for the lottery or may have their permit revoked

Residents may only park in their assigned parking space. If a resident does not have an assigned space, parking at the Tier Lot is encouraged, however residents may opt to park on city streets. Residents must abide by the City of New Haven parking regulations when parking on city streets.

Parking During Snow Storms

During a snow storm please park in the Tier Lot. This will allow snow removal crews to effectively clear around residence halls and academic buildings. 

Parking Ticket Appeals

Community members may appeal their ticket within ten days of receiving the violation. Appeals will be reviewed by the Appeals Committee and committee decisions are final. To appeal a parking ticket, please complete a Parking Ticket Appeal Form

Appellants will receive an email notice with the decision within approximately ten business days.