Severe Weather

During any storm, do not use elevators on campus!

Plan on remaining in your room during storms (thunder, hurricanes, snow). Keep a flashlight handy with spare batteries. Please notify staff if you are going to stay with a friend in another building or if you plan to stay off campus with friends or family.   

Power Outages

Students should remain in their residence halls unless directed by residential life staff. The campus has limited generator service. Prolonged power outages will result in school closures and you may be asked to go home until power is restored. 

Do not use candles or any other open flamed item during a power outage.

Preparing for Storms

  • Keep a flashlight with spare batteries available 
  • Always keep water and power bars available 
  • Please move beds and any electronic equipment away from windows
  • Charge all electronics (cell phone, computer) prior to the storm should we lose power
  • Windows should be closed during the storm; remove window fans
  • Please make sure all windows in hallways/corridors are closed
  • Unplug any electronic equipment that you are not using to avoid power surges
  • Please do not go outside during the storm as there could be loose debris flying
  • Please move your vehicles away from trees; It is recommended all vehicles park in the Tier Lot during any type of storm. 

If there are any problems or concerns before, during, or after the storm please contact your RA or Residence Life Office located in the Hubert Campus Center.