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Earn a Bachelor of Arts in English

Love reading? Want to become a more effective writer? The English program at Albertus offers both a major and minor in English, with the further option to concentrate in Creative Writing or Dramatic Studies.

English majors at Albertus can also pursue teacher certification concurrently through our Education Program. For creative writers, the department offers a five-year MFA in Writing. The English department also offers courses toward a minor in Drama.

The English Department serves the wider college community through its foundational writing classes for all first-year students and its upper division literature classes in General Education. Throughout our programs, the Department emphasizes clear and well-organized writing, persuasive argument, and the attentive reading of literary texts.

The Albertus Difference

What Makes English at Albertus Different?


  • Hands-on, experiential learning
  • Interdisciplinary perspectives
  • Emphasis on collaborative work


  • Personally invested professors
  • Small class sizes
  • Innovative, well-rounded programs
  • Resources and opportunities for research


  • Lively extracurricular activities
  • Campus-wide events
  • Service and community engagement


  • Active career counseling
  • Opportunity-building networks
  • Access to internships and professional experiences

The professors in the English program at Albertus are dedicated to their students and to their field. I went to Albertus so that I could become an English teacher; I have never once regretted that decision.

Esther Hartzell, '17


Where Will Your English Degree take You?

Possible career paths with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English include:

Digital Copywriter
Freelance Writer
Web Content Manager
English as a Foreign Language Teacher
Editorial Assistant
Publishing Copy-Editor
Academic Librarian
Advertising Copywriter
Media Researcher
Social Media Manager

English Courses

Majors in English are introduced to the discipline in Foundations of Literary Study and take core classes in British, American, and multicultural literature. English majors find that training in their academic discipline enables them to excel in many fields such as: education, publishing, law, library science, civil service, business, and journalism. Through completing the English program, students will possess the writing and research skills, and the literary knowledge, necessary to flourish in the liberal professions and relevant graduate programs.

Upon completing the program of study in English, students will:

  • To improve students’ facility in writing clearly and correctly
  • To increase students’ competence in close analysis of literary texts
  • To foster the development of skills that center on speaking clearly, listening carefully, and observing perceptively
  • To cultivate an aesthetic appreciation for language and a responsiveness to the creative work of others
  • To prepare students to engage in professions that require clear, precise, and effective oral and written communication

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A college education isn't about an end goal, but rather gaining the skills you'll need for your professional development. For me, a major in English created who I am today. I gained skills in critical thinking, literature analysis, storytelling, communication, teaching, and even public speaking, all of which I use every day at work.

Annemarie Tompsen, '13

Masters Programs

English Masters Programs

We have Faith in Your Future

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Purposeful Vision & Direction

The Albertus English Degree Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of English is consonant with the mission of the College, which is to provide solid academic grounding and an education that will enable students after their college years to lead productive and enriched lives.

The Department of English works with every student to improve basic written and oral communication and to instill a knowledge of and critical appreciation for literature in English. The Department strives to foster a spirit of inquiry and a habit of reasoning directed toward the discovery of a system of values. More particularly, the Department assumes a key role in directing the English major to both personal enrichment and a rewarding career. Through successful completion of the English program, students will:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of major works of British and American literature
  • Demonstrate the means by which meaning is created in literary works
  • Demonstrate an aesthetic appreciation of the creative work of others
  • Produce consistently lucid, coherent, thoroughly researched papers, convincingly and creatively presented
  • Possess the writing and research skills, and the literary knowledge, necessary to flourish in the liberal professions and relevant graduate programs

English majors find that training in their academic discipline enables them to excel in many fields such as: law, publishing, education, civil service, library science, business, and journalism. Moreover, the Department offers students interested in going on to graduate programs in English a baccalaureate curriculum that is balanced, historically comprehensive, and rigorous.

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