Eric Schoeck, M.A.L.S.

DepartmentEnglish and CommunicationsEric Schoeck, M.A.L.S. at Albertus Magnus College
TitleAssociate Professor of English and Humanities
BackgroundB.A., Yale University
M.A.L.S., Albertus Magnus College
OfficeAquinas Hall, Professional & Graduate Studies, Room 14
Office HoursT Th 11:10-12:10, 1:30-3:00 W F 10-12
Phone(203) 672-6775
CoursesCollege Writing; Introduction to Literary Genres; Creative Nonfiction I & II; Literature of the Immigrant; The Interview as Text; Literature of the West; Reading Texts in Context 1 & II; Invitation to Insight I & II; Modern American History; American Government; The American Dream; Faith in America; World Religions; Communications Overview

Teaching college enables me to engage fully in liberal arts education. My sense of the meaning of liberal arts is grounded primarily in my experience in the interrelated disciplines of English and the Humanities. In all my courses, throughout all the discussions in my classes, the ethos of liberal arts education informs the content, but, more importantly, it frames a process that is expansive and inclusive. Liberal arts education remains a vital way of engagement with life. In fact, I prefer to see myself as a specialist in interdisciplinary studies (which might sound like a paradox), remaining flexible and adaptable to new and creative ways to teach and to learn, committed to intellectual growth and the integration of knowledge.

My many years in public radio, as well as having a father who was himself a professor of literature and a lover of books, have given me a lifetime passion for words and literature and an abiding belief in the power of stories to open minds and hearts. I want my students to make their own discoveries, to see the world through another's eyes, and to find connections that yield wonder and respect, as well as a sense of responsibility and purpose. Thus I approach all learning, my own learning and the learning of my students, with open-mindedness and engagement.


Public Radio (NPR California) host for 15 years: creating, producing, and hosting Radiogram and Mind, Body, Spirit. I have interviewed more than 1,200 authors

KUSP Radio Lifetime Achievement Award, 2000

Jeopardy! Four- time winner
Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions contestant, 1986

Mark Twain presentations / impersonation 2010, 2011

New Haven Public Library, "Books Sandwiched In" presentations 2007-2009

Outstanding Young Man of America Award, 1985