Insight: Albertus Magnus' Core Curriculum

Pursuing your education at Albertus Magnus College puts you on the path to success in a career, in graduate school, in your community and in your life.

Your solid foundation starts with the Insight Program, AMC’s core curriculum, required of all undergraduate day students. Insight builds a solid thinking framework you’ll use throughout your life as you grow in understanding yourself and the world and prepare to lead a life that is socially responsible, as well as personally and professionally fulfilling.

With Insight, you’ll continue on the path toward realizing your full human potential as you

  1. Demonstrate the ability to meet College benchmarks in core skills, including:
  2. written and oral communication
  3. reading comprehension
  4. information literacy
  5. Demonstrate the ability to meet College benchmarks in critical thinking, including:
  6. interpretation
  7. analysis
  8. evaluation
  9. Demonstrate the capacity for creative thinking
  10. Demonstrate the ability to apply effectively the methods and insights of the following disciplines to an understanding of the world:
  11. fine arts
  12. literature
  13. mathematics
  14. natural science
  15. philosophy
  16. religious studies
  17. history
  18. social science
  19. Demonstrate an ability to formulate ethical questions and engage in moral decision making at the individual and societal level.

Insight Program Structure
The First Year Program: Laying the Foundations for Insight

  • The First Year Humanities Seminar Invitation to Insight (6 credits)
  • Written Expression (6 credits)

Designated 3-credit courses in each of these disciplines:

  • Art, Communications, or Music (3 credits)
  • Mathematics (3 credits)
  • Natural Sciences (3 credits)

Sophomore and Junior Years: Assembling Disciplinary Expertise and Amassing Cultural Insight
Designated 3-credit courses in each of these disciplines:

  • Literature (3 credits)
  • History (3 credits)
  • Philosophy (3 credits)
  • Religious Studies (3 credits)
  • Social Sciences (3 credits)

Junior and Senior Years: Making Room for Others and Acquiring Insight through Dialogue
Three 3-credit designated courses in three different disciplines

What It Means to Inhabit the World Today, to Flourish as a Human Being in Service to Self and Others
Senior Humanities Seminar