Albertus Magnus College Once Again Connects with Students with Calling Campaign of Caring

Transitions From “Check In” During COVID to “How Are You Readjusting?”

New Haven, Conn., November 15, 2021 Albertus Magnus College volunteers are in the midst of the latest  Calling Campaign of Caring – a call from the Albertus Community to its students, extending a compassionate,  listening ear and a reassuring message of care. This is the third round of calls from faculty and staff to  students -- the first was in April 2020 in the early period of the pandemic; a second occurred in October 2020  to see how students were adjusting to remote learning. The idea originated with Albertus President Dr. Marc  M. Camille, Ed.D., and he too is one of the volunteers making the calls. 

In his message to the Albertus Community, Dr. Camille stated that this campaign comes at a time as we ease  into the space between pandemic and normal times and approach the Thanksgiving holiday and how it is  important to offer a compassionate ear and a reassuring message. 

“The students who joined Albertus over the last two years have never experienced college life not impacted by COVID-19, so they will be of special focus. Awareness of mental health and wellness are top of mind in the news these days, so the personal connections are timely,” said Courtney Mattiace, Psy.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Director, Health and Wellness Services at Albertus Magnus College.

More than 80 faculty and staff are once again volunteering to make the calls. The Calling Campaign of Caring this fall focuses on the College's Undergraduate students who started at the College in fall 2020 or later, including traditional aged undergraduates and adult undergraduate learners. Follow-up contacts will be made accordingly.

About Albertus Magnus College

About Albertus Magnus College: Albertus Magnus College, founded in 1925, is a Catholic College in the Dominican tradition. It is recognized by external rankings such as US News & World Report Best Colleges, Money Magazine, and the Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education. The College has an enrollment of 1,500 students in its traditional undergraduate program, accelerated adult degree programs, and 12 graduate programs, including a new Master of Public Administration and the only Master of Arts in Art Therapy and Counseling program in Connecticut. In the last year, the College received two significant Federal grants in support of student success and well-being: a $300,000 grant from the Department of Justice and a $1.9 million Title III grant from the Department of Education.