Sean O'Connell, Ph.D.

DepartmentPhilosophy & ReligionSean O'Connell, Ph.D. at Albertus Magnus College
TitleVice President for Academic Affairs & Dean of Faculty
Professor of Philosophy
BackgroundProfessor of Philosophy
B.A., The Catholic University of America
M.A., The Catholic University of America
Ph.D., Fordham University
OfficeAquinas Hall, Room 109
Phone(203) 773-8539

Sean P. O'Connell joined Albertus Magnus College in 1987 as a faculty member in the Department of Philosophy and Religion. He became the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty in 2013. Dr. O'Connell received his B.A., summa cum laude and M.S. degrees in Philosophy from The Catholic University of America and his Ph.D. in Philosophy from Fordham University, and attended the Harvard Institute for Management and Leadership (MLE). His research interests are in Contemporary Continental Philosophy, the Philosophy of Art, and Gender Studies. He has been the lead author on several successful grants to support faculty development and the use of high impact practices. Dr. O'Connell provides leadership and oversight of all aspects of academic life at the College, which includes faculty recruitment and development, undergraduate and graduate programs in the Undergraduate Division and the Division of Professional and Graduate Studies, the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence, the Library, the Registrar's Office, the Career Services and Internship Office, and academic advising.


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