Patricia Birungi, Ph.D.

DepartmentBusiness Administration and ManagementPatricia Birungi, Ph.D. at Albertus Magnus College
TitleAssistant Professor
Director, Master of Public Administration Program
BackgroundBSc., Population Studies, Makerere University
M.P.H., Eastern Virginia Medical School
Ph.D., Old Dominion University
OfficeAquinas Hall, Room 334
Phone(203) 672-5309
CoursesMP-500 Introduction to Public Administration
MP-550 Politics and Public Policy
MP-512 Ethical Issues in Public Administration
MP-507 Urban Policy
MP-581 Implementing Public Policy
MP-630 Applied Research Project
MP-550 Performance Measurement and Management
MP-550 Research Methods in Public Administration
PO-230 State and Local Government
MG-270 Moral Leadership
MP-355 Introduction to Public Administration

My core duties include teaching courses in the MPA, conducting academic advising for our students in the program and making admissions decisions pertaining to the program. In my role, I am committed to creating a learning environment that encourages students to approach learning with unbridled exploration, a sense of connection, and the confidence and ability to apply their knowledge. I believe the classroom experience should be one in which innovative ideas are exchanged and shared. I am a strong advocate of experiential learning through practicum experiences at both the undergraduate and graduate level, whereby students are given an opportunity to apply theory to practice in solving real-life problems. I gained tremendously from my practicum experience in my master's program interning with the Tidewater Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure. I was able to integrate theory with practice which facilitated real learning when I used the health education concepts to create real health promotion programs for real people. Therefore, I endeavor to provide every student with an opportunity to have those experiences in the field of Public Administration.

Curriculum Vitae