Brenda Joslyn

DepartmentBusiness Administration and ManagementBrenda Joslyn at Albertus Magnus College
TitleAssociate Professor/Faculty Advisor of Business & Management
OfficeAquinas Hall, Room 332
Phone(203) 672-6772
CoursesFinancial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Accounting Concepts, Financial Statement Analysis, Ethics for Accounting Professionals, Accounting Theory in Practice
DescriptionBrenda Joslyn is a Faculty Advisor and Assistant Professor at the Tagliatela School of Business and Leadership. Besides teaching accounting in the PGS and traditional day programs, Brenda’s primary role is advising. She advises PGS evening students pursuing majors in Business and first-year traditional day students focusing on majoring in accounting or finance. As a faculty advisor, she is dedicated to holistic advising, concentrating on the overall well-being and success of each student. Her approach involves considering the whole person, as an individual, and identifying the student’s needs, goals, issues, and roadblocks to succeeding academically. She feels students are more likely to succeed with a faculty advisor who can effectively communicate, guide, and support the students throughout their college experience. It is about building connections and relationships. Brenda received her associate degree in business from Quinnipiac University. She received her Bachelor of Science in Business Management and her M.B.A. with a concentration in accounting, both from Albertus Magnus College, promoting her student-centered approach and embracing the Falcon Family community with pride!