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Launch your career in the high-demand field of SAP consulting. Build the consulting skills successful companies are looking for through tailored training and hands-on projects designed by SAP. No experience or degree required to enroll.

What does an SAP consultant do? SAP consultants are problem solvers who relish getting the details right. They are experts in process management and have a deep understanding of SAP solutions. They are also outstanding communicators and excel at collaborating with all contributors and stakeholders in a project.

This program has been designed specifically for learners seeking to get their first job in the SAP domain.

You’ll get the inside track on how to build a consulting career beyond just having product knowledge. You’ll learn about project management methodologies and agile processes. You’ll gain core consulting skills such as requirements gathering, stakeholder interviewing, client communication, client analysis, and solution design. Plus, you’ll go through several implementation project lifecycles to build your practical experience and complete a comprehensive hands-on project using a case study to apply the skills you have learned.

With SAP customers generating 87% of total global commerce, SAP consulting skills are in high demand. Through this program, you’ll build the critical skills that the largest and highly successful companies such as Accenture, Capgemini, Deloitte and KPMG, are looking for.