New Dimensions students enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program who need a break in their scheduled calendar may apply for a Leave of Absence (LOA). A LOA is a temporary interruption in a student’s program of study and refers to the specific time period during a program when a student is not in attendance. Students do not need to submit a LOA for institutionally scheduled breaks if that is their only period of nonattendance. A student who wants to apply for a LOA should contact his/her Academic Advisor, Department Chair, or the Associate Dean for Student Success and Retention at least ten days prior to the start date of the leave. Additionally, the student must complete an Application for Leave of Absence with the reason for the LOA and anticipated date of return ten days prior to the start of the leave. All approved LOAs may not exceed a total of 180 days in any 12-month period. Financial aid applicants should also consult the Financial Aid Office prior to the LOA to learn whether the LOA will result in a change in their financial aid or result in an owing balance with the College. The Financial Aid Office will also discuss the effects failure to return as scheduled from the LOA may have on their current financial aid and/or loan repayment terms. The College must approve the student’s written LOA request prior to the start of the LOA.

A student returning from a LOA must resume their calendar at the same point in the academic program. Because of this, the College will grant full tuition credit for the course a student is in should a LOA be granted mid-course. The student will be assessed the prevailing tuition and fees upon retaking the course. Financial aid recipients will continue to earn the financial aid previously awarded for the period upon their return. The financial aid is not subject to an increase or change in need. Students who return to a graduate program after five years or more must follow the curriculum of the current Course Catalogue. Students who return in fewer than five years may choose to follow either the curriculum that was in place when they first entered the degree or the current curriculum. Students should consult with their Department Chair or Program Director in selecting the curricular requirements that best meet their needs.

Should a student need an extension for his/her LOA he/she must contact his/her Academic Advisor, Department Chair, or the Associate Dean for Student Success and Retention. If a student does not return as scheduled from a LOA, he/she is considered to be withdrawn as of the date the student began the LOA.

For additional information, please contact the Division of Professional and Graduate Studies at (203) 773-8505.