Vehicles on Campus

NOTE: If you park a car on College property, you do so at your own risk.


All students who reside on campus and operate a motor vehicle on campus must register the vehicle. Registration forms are available in the Department of Student Services. The office will issue a decal which must be affixed in the lower right hand corner of the rear window of the vehicle. The transfer, exchange, misuse, or reproduction of the decal is unauthorized.

Parking decals for faculty and staff are issued by the Office of Academic Affairs.

Campus Traffic Regulations

  • The campus speed limit is 10 mph.
  • Park only in designated parking spaces. There are handicap parking spaces available on campus by every building. You must have a State issued permit to use these spaces and the person who the permit is registered to must be present.
  • Parking behind Aquinas Hall is for faculty, staff and administration only. Proper permit required.
  • Athletic parking lot from 8:00am-2:00am (no parking allowed from 2am-8am)
  • It is the student's responsibility to see that one's guests adhere to the parking regulations. There is limited parking at each residence hall, but parking is allowed on the streets unless posted otherwise. Students are permitted to park on city streets at their own risk. The responsibility of finding a legal parking space rests with the motor vehicle operator.

The following violations will be cause for Notice of Parking Violations and/or Towing:

  1. Failure of a student to park in properly designated parking area.
  2. Occupying two spaces.
  3. Blocking entrance of building.
  4. Obstructing traffic.
  5. Parking in Rosary Circle.
  6. Exceeding the campus speed limit.
  7. Parking at yellow curbs or on yellow diagonal lines.
  8. Parking within 10 feet of a hydrant.
  9. Blocking an intersection or marked area.
  10. Double parking.
  11. Parking on grassy area.
  12. Blocking a driveway or service area.
  13. Creating a hazard to public safety.
  14. Impeding construction or maintenance requirements.
  15. Parking in a reserved area, fire lane or handicap space.
  16. Parking in the Athletic Center parking lot 2:00am-8:00am

    All cars towed are at the owner's risk and expense.

    If your car is towed. It will be towed to:

    York's Towing
    322 Davenport Ave.
    (203) 562-2121

    Directions to York's Towing:

    From AMC turn right on Prospect St towards Downtown New Haven. Prospect St will become College St; keep following it until it also becomes Congress St.  Then take a right at West St. and follow to Davenport Ave.  Take a left at Davenport Ave and follow to 322.

    During a Snow Storm

    During a snow storm cars parked around ALL residence halls must be moved to the Tier parking lot. Once residence hall parking lots have been plowed and snow has stopped, cars can be parked in the residence hall parking lots.