Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services Includes 6 areas of Service:

Help Desk Services

Supporting end users who encounter difficulty in accessing or using the College's information technology resources.

Instructional Technology Services

Training and supporting faculty, students, and staff in the use of technology in classroom and online environments, including eLearning, ePortfolio, Google Apps for Education, and related resources.

Technical Services

Managing and maintaining the College's technical infrastructure, including the physical and wireless networks, the servers, the clients systems, and related resources such as antivirus and security solutions and Microsoft's Active Directory. Also responsible for the Library information systems.

Internet Communications Services

Developing and maintaining the College Website, the myAlbertus Portal, and such social media as Facebook and Twitter.

Administrative Computing Services

Administration and programming of the Datatel Colleague Student Information and Enterprise Resources Planning System, the PowerFAIDS Financial Aid System, and the RaisersEdge Fundraising and Donor Management System.

Computer Labs

Computers are located around campus for student use.

  • Library
  • Aquinas Hall
  • Cyber Cafe "Common Ground"
  • Tagliatela Academic Center
  • Access the wireless network from anywhere on campus with your computer or mobile device.

 eLearning and Your Computer 

Information Technology Services (ITS) offices are located in Rosary Hall

Office Hours:
8:30 AM - 8:00 PM
Contact ITS: