About Us

On our beautiful suburban campus, you can join intramural and varsity sports or activities in our Athletic Center. Hang out at the House of Bollstadt pub or the Common Ground Cyber Lounge. Meet friends to study in the St. Albert Atrium. Converge in the Campus Center for some seriously competitive bingo or College Bowl events. Or just enjoy a stroll across our spacious lawns.

Albertus Magnus College Professors Know Your Name

Of course, our classrooms and labs are up-to-date - and our professors know you by name, because we're sure you're ready to put your mind to work and discover the next big thing to rejuvenate the planet. Our small class sizes mean you'll get one-on-one attention from our faculty scholars, who serve as mentors while you're at Albertus Magnus College and may become your professional colleagues after you graduate.

Great(er) New Haven!

You'll want to be at Albertus Magnus College for the excitement created by the nearly 20,000 college students who call New Haven home. With quick and easy connections to metro New York, Boston, and Providence, it's a great place to learn and an excellent springboard to explore the world.

Find out for yourself. Visit our campus, take our Virtual Campus Tour, discover more about New Haven, and experience the many dimensions of our dynamic community.

Get Involved!

Active! Enthusiastic! Involved!
That's you, your life, and your experience in the dynamic community of Albertus Magnus College.

Sitting still? That's for someone else, somewhere else.
At Albertus Magnus College, you're engaged, on the go, making new friends, building your confidence.

Your quest for knowledge takes you beyond imagination.
You'll stretch your mind, find your strengths, and prepare to meet your future.