We love parents! And we know you want to be involved with your student’s educational success. This is your spot on AMC’s Web site where you can learn more about us and find out how best to support your student.

For parents of college students, the college years pose an interesting and formidable set of challenges. While most parents recognize that their sons and daughters must begin taking on new levels of responsibility, learn to advocate for themselves, and, yes, even make their own mistakes, parents also recognize that their sons and daughters still need their support and guidance. The stakes become higher as well. Failure to succeed can have significant financial implications, and can adversely impact students’ lives after college.

At Albertus, we value the role that parents can play in students’ success both academically and more generally, in becoming fully mature adults who are capable of making a contribution to the larger society. In that spirit, we should like to provide you with information about academic life at Albertus that could be helpful, especially if your son or daughter comes to you for advice.

Check out Parents Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for answers to everything from what your student should bring for life in the residence halls to ways you can pay for an AMC education. And rest assured that campus safety and security is a priority at Albertus Magnus College.

Tips for Parents tells you what you need to know if your student is starting college for the first time.

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