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I got my housing assignment, and it's not my first choice. What are my options?

The Office of Residential Life tries to do their best to give students their first preference for housing. Preferences are not guaranteed and the decision had to be made based on what spaces were still available in the residence halls. Housing assignments cannot be changed or altered by the student for three (3) weeks following the first day of classes. Students are asked to make an appointment with the Director of Residential Life after their arrival on campus to discuss all available options.

What if my roommate and I do not get along?

It's natural to be nervous about living with someone new for the first time. At Albertus, we encourage all students to get to know their roommate prior to move-in but to also keep the conversation going once living together. We encourage open communication between roommates at all times. If you and your roommate should continue to not get a long, a Resident Assistant will help you through roommate mediation and help you overcome your differences. If that does not work, an appointment with the Director of Residential Life can be made and he/she will assist you.

Can I have my car on campus?

Yes. We allow all students to have a car on campus. Cars must be registered with the Office of Residential Life. You can stop by and see the Director of Residential Life to register your vehicle and receive your parking pass. It is important that you register your car in the event Residential Life or Security needs to contact you regarding any issues and/or parking bans in inclement weather.

Do I need to submit my medical records prior to attending?

Yes. All students must submit their medical records prior to move-in and starting classes. Medical forms were given to you at either a Registration Day in June or in your Admission deposit packet. All questions regarding medical records can be addressed by the Director of Student Life at (203) 773-8577.

PLEASE NOTE: Residents must show proof of meningitis vaccination prior to receiving their residence hall keys. Residents may not move-in without proof of meningitis.

I owe money to Albertus. Can I still move-in?

No. If you have an outstanding balance with the Business Office or missing paperwork/loans with Financial Aid, you will not receive your residence hall keys. Please contact both offices prior to arrival to ensure that you are financially cleared. Please note that since move-in day is on a Sunday, banks and other loan providers might be closed. The Business Office's phone number is (203) 773-8504 and Financial Aid can be contacted at (203) 773-8508.

What items can I bring and not bring?

A list of recommended items to have and a list of prohibited items are mailed to each student with their housing assignment. Specific questions can be addressed to the Director of Residential Life.

How do I get my student ID card and personal alarm locator?

Falcon Cards (student IDs) are provided to each student free of charge upon arrival at Albertus Magnus College. Most students will sit for their photo during Registration Days in June. There will also be designated times for students to sit for their photo during New Student Orientation. ID cards will be distributed to residents, who attended Registration Day, during move-in. ID cards act as entry into your assigned residence hall and must be in the possession of the student at all times. There is a $25.00 fee for any lost or stolen ID cards. The Falcon ID Card Office is located on the first floor of Rosary Hall in the Information and Technology Suite.

All Albertus Magnus College students must carry their student ID cards on them at all times. Residents will need to present their card to the Dining Hall Staff at each meal. If a member of the Albertus Magnus College administration should ask to see a student ID card at any time, it is expected that the student will show their ID card at the time of the request.

Personal Alarm Locators or P.A.L. will be distributed by Student Life in Campus Center 112. P.A.L.s are optional for residential students though they are highly recommended. The cost is $100.00 for four years and that cost has already been added to your room and board. All students pay for the P.A.L. regardless of whether they choose to have one or not.

I have a food allergy/special dietary needs. How do I go about notifying the dining hall?

If a student should have an allergy or special dietary needs (gluten-free, vegan, etc.), the student should contact the DeDominicis Dining Hall Staff. Dining Services are provided by Chartwells. You should speak with the Director of Food Services at (203) 773-8500.

Is there security on campus 24/7?

Yes. Albertus Magnus College Security is available to all students 7-days a week, 24 hours a day. Their office is located in the Hubert Campus Center. In addition, each night a New Haven Police officer is stationed as campus to provide additional security and assistance.

The residence halls are staffed by resident assistants (RA), who are students trained by the Office of Residential Life to provide assistance to all students in their living areas, provide fun programs and assist in the safety and security of the buildings. Additionally, there are 3 Assistant Hall Directors which are professional staff members that reside on campus and rotate on-call responsibilities weekly to ensure that an adult presence is on campus and in the halls each night. The Director of Residential Life also lives on campus for additional assistance and safety measures.

Additionally, the P.A.L. is another security measure provided our students. The P.A.L. is a device that when a student feels unsafe or needs immediate assistance from Security, they can press the button and Security and Residential Life staff will respond immediately to a student in need. This device works only on campus and not in the residence halls. Should students need assistance in the halls itself they should contact their Resident Assistant.

Can I have a pet on campus?

No. Pets are prohibited on campus. The only exception is a student may have a fish if it is in a 10-gallon or less, freshwater, non-heated tank. Any unauthorized pet will result in a minimum of $100.00 fine and potential involvement of New Haven Animal Control.

Can I have a guest(s) on campus?

Yes. We encourage students to have friends and family visit them in the residence halls. Residents are required to sign-in each guest with the on-duty Resident Assistant nightly. The guest must have either their Albertus Magnus College ID Card or a valid driver's license/state ID to be permitted entry into the residence halls.

If the guest is staying overnight, an overnight registration form must be filled out prior to 11:00pm and signed by the R.A. on-duty. A student is only allowed 2 guests to be signed in with them at one time.

Overnight guests may only stay on campus for 2 nights in a 7 day period. This policy is strictly enforced. Guests must be 16 years of age or older. If you have a sibling/family member visiting that is under 16 years of age they must be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian and may not stay overnight at any time for any reason.

How do I do laundry on campus?

Laundry services are provided by Mac Gray. Each residence hall is equipped with both washers and dryers. Each wash and dry cycle is $1.25. The machines do not accept coins. Our laundry machines require a Mac Gray laundry card which can be purchased from the laundry card dispenser located outside the Mailroom in the Hubert Campus Center. The cost of the card is $5.00 (the cost includes the $2.00 fee for the card and $3.00 in laundry money). The machine does not accept one-dollar bills. Also, remember to bring detergent!!

How do I receive/send mail?

The Mailroom is located in the Hubert Campus Center. You can stop by and request that a mailbox be assigned to you. This is where all incoming mail is received. You may also send out mail from the Mailroom as long as it is stamped. Stamps are available for purchase from the Mailroom at the most current postage rate as set forth by the United States Postal Service. Stamps are sold individually not in books. Packages will need to be brought to the nearest Post Office (located on Putnam Street, Hamden, less than 2 miles from campus). All incoming mail should be addressed as follows:

AMC BOX #_____

What is the address of my residence hall?

Each residence hall has its own unique address. This address is only used for food delivery and taxi cab directions. Mail should never be addressed to your residence hall address. Your building address is located on the Emergency Plan located in your residence hall room.

I am sick. Where do I go?

The Albertus Magnus College Health Clinic is located on the 2nd floor of the Hubert Campus Center. Each semester the hours of operation are posted on the door and residents are notified of the hours. We have both a registered nurse (RN) on staff as well as a nurse practitioner (APRN). All full-time students must be insured either through a private insurance company or the Albertus Magnus College insurance which is provided to all students should they choose it.

How do I find out more about the health insurance program?

All inquiries into the student health insurance program furnished by Gallagher-Koster can be addressed to either the Dean of Students at (203) 773-8542 or Director of Student Life at (203) 773-8577.

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