Resident Assistants

Resident assistants are students who have been hired and trained by the College to serve as coordinators for their respective residence halls and floors. They work with the Office of Residential Life to:

  • provide safe and nurturing environments for students living on-campus
  • maintain the College's high standards for academic and personal achievement
  • plan social and educational programs

There are 16 live-in residential life staff members including:

  • Residential Life Coordinator
  • 3 Assistant Hall Directors
  • 12 Resident Assistants

These individuals, along with Albertus Security, work diligently to provide the necessary management of the residence hall environment to ensure the safety and security of each member of the community.

Albertus Magnus College is a safe environment. Students are encouraged to be active and educated members of the community and to assist when possible in maintaining the security of the facilities.

Interestied in applying to become a Resident Assistant please see the application for qualifications and process.