New and used textbooks, shampoo, snacks, birthday cards, video rentals ... Come visit the bookstore!

Location: In the Campus Center

Don't want to wait in line at the bookstore...
Buy your textbooks online

When ordering online:

  • Day Program students enter Division 1
  • ADP students enter Division 2

What else does the bookstore offer?

  • AMC campus wear, including a whole line of clothing just for kids!
  • School supplies
  • Convenience items
  • Dorm accessories
  • Food, drinks and much more......

What is book buyback?

Sell your used text books back to the bookstore when you are finished with them. Typically, the earlier you sell your books back the more they will be worth.

How to determine the value of your book?
  • The price offered by the bookstore is based on future value.
  • A book is more valuable if your professor has selected it for the next term and it is in saleable condition.
  • Book demand and current stock affect the value of your book. Typically you can expect half of the purchase price if the above criteria are met.
  • If your book is not being used again on campus it has no value to the bookstore. Fortunately, the bookstore has arranged to offer national wholesale market prices on campus.
  • The national wholesale buying guide determines its prices based upon: publisher's list price, national demand for the book, and the quantity of unsold books already in the wholesaler's stock.

Contact Information

Address: 831 Winchester Ave, New Haven, Connecticut 06511
Phone: 203.777.2478
Fax: 203.776.7935