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A Catholic College in the Dominican Tradition

True to the Catholic heritage and the intellectual tradition of its founding Dominican Sisters of Saint Mary of the Springs, Albertus Magnus College reflects the search for truth in all its dimensions. The Dominican mission — to contemplate and to share the fruits of contemplation with others — appears at Albertus Magnus in the wide variety of daily teaching and learning activities you experience through our vibrant liberal arts education.

As you follow in the Dominican tradition at Albertus Magnus, you’ll find yourself in the classroom and out in the world — the workplace, the community, the family — where you’ll share your knowledge and grow to appreciate the richness of what you have yet to learn. St. Albert’s legacy and model for integrating faith and reason “knows no limits and resists the temptations of absolutes ... [we follow] truth wherever it leads because it appeals to the imagination and alters one’s consciousness.”

When you remain open to the adventure of the search, you’ll discover truth (Veritas) in many forms, as you are filled with respect for the wealth of viewpoints, backgrounds, experiences and perspectives in the universe that demonstrate the mystery of God.