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Albertus Magnus College Student Organizations


Anime Club: This group exposes students to animation through watching and discuss the different types of animated genres.

Art Club: This club enlightens students about art and sponsors trips to museums in nearby metro areas; oversees the artistic design of Albertus Magnus’ yearly student-run shows and festivals.

Book Club: The Book Mites are avid readers and gather regularly to read and discuss books of different genres, similar to a Book Club.

Breakwater Literary Magazine: Breakwater publishes fiction, poetry, and artwork created by students and faculty members to showcase the tremendous talent at Albertus in its annual publication.

Business Club: This club is to help students organize business functions in order to learn more about businesses and appropriate business practices.

Campus Cursive: This club promotes positive attitude and inspires others throughout the campus and surrounding community by handwriting letters of encouragement and support.

Commuter Council: This group supports the commuter population through creating events and social outreach programs, improving commuter-resident relations, and aid in commuter welfare. Seeks to create a better experience for commuter students at Albertus Magnus College. This group is an extension of the Student Government Association.

Dance Team: This group shows our school spirit in the love of dance, cheer and step. The Dance Team will also work together as a group to create dances which will be mainly performed at home basketball games. They will work on improving technique as well.

Dominican Team: This group is committed to the Dominican Heritage and Mission of Albertus Magnus College. Meets regularly to suggest activities of service and community that Dominican Ministries can conduct. Helps to implement these activities and generate enthusiasm and be a connection between students and the Office of Dominican Ministries.

English Club: This club provides English majors and those interested in English the opportunity to enjoy related activities and discussions pertaining to literature, poetry, drama, and journalism. Organizes open-mic nights, poetry readings and student theatrical performances.

Film Appreciation Club: This club fosters an interest in film and allow students to grow their knowledge of the cinematic arts. The film club will also seek to allow students to unwind by sitting and watching movies of all kinds.

Honors Club: The Honors Club provides the opportunity for students in the Honors program to organize and participate in various cultural activities and events, as well as volunteer with local community service projects. For more information, contact Dr. Christine Atkins at:

Multicultural Student Union: This group promotes a sense of diversity and multiculturalism within the student body on campus by organizing programs and events that celebrate a variety of cultures and backgrounds.

People Helping People: Focuses on involving the Albertus Magnus College student body, faculty and community to respond to social issues through a wide variety of meaningful service projects and civic engagement initiatives. To provide responsible and effective student participation in building homes for people in need through the Habitat for Humanity organization. To work cooperatively with students and the community to meet our purposes. To help Albertus men and women pursue truth and action through study and services opportunities. For more information, contact Wiley Dawson at:

Science Club: This club works to promote an interest in science and raises awareness through recycling programs, blood drives, and by hosting movie nights and field trips.

Something Social Club: This club provides both Sociology majors and those interested in Sociology the opportunity to enjoy Sociology-related activities and explore the application of sociology to the civic world and everyday life.

Student Government Association: SGA is the voice of the student body and the major programming group on campus. Plans and implements student events on campus. SGA organizes traditions on campus such as Fall Fest, Spring Jam, dances, BINGO nights, and much more. Other student organizations may request funds from SGA for programs and events. For more information, contact the Student Government president at

Student Justice League: This group’s purpose and intent is to serve as an entity and resource to bring social justice awareness and action to Albertus Magnus College.

*Student Veterans Association: This group is a resource for any students that are veterans and their purpose is to support veteran students and share resources whenever possible.

Table Tennis Club: This club serves as a group that encourages the fun and competitive spirit of the game of table tennis. They meet weekly to play table tennis as well as educating others about the game of table tennis.

Writing Club: This group provides a comforting environment for students to create and develop their writing, from poems to short stories. Students will be able to share their writings, either named or anonymous, with the group.

*This student organization is part of the Division of Professional and Graduate Studies. Any interested students should contact their office at 203-773-8505


Do you want to start your own student club? It’s a very easy process – you only need 6 full time day students and a faculty or staff advisor.

For more information contact:

Erin Morrell
Associate Dean for Campus Activities & Orientation

Malcolm Thomas
Assistant Director for Campus Activities