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Master of Business Administration

Overview of the MBA Program

Following the format of our accelerated undergraduate degree program, the MBA is offered in the evening with a unique flexible schedule.  Classes are offered every eight weeks, and students have the ability to be part-time (one class per eight week session) or full-time (two classes per eight week session).  Financial aid is available, and prospective students can apply to begin during any of our five starting points (August, October, January, March, and May) throughout the year.  Even more, students with an undergraduate major in business may have the ability to waive up to 12 credits!  Our MBA is committed to helping adults achieve their degree at a quick pace while receiving excellent academic quality and personalized attention.

The MBA Program is offered in three flexible formats:

  1. Online - Take one to two classes every eight weeks from the comfort of your own home. All weekly assignments are offered asynchronously, meaning you have the ability to work on them at your own time and pace.
  2. Blended - Take one to two classes every eight weeks through a combination of in-class sessions and online assignments. (Classes are held at our beautiful New Haven campus.) Our blended classes are arranged so you go to school one night per week; all other assignments are done from the comfort of home. Students who choose this option often enjoy the best of "both worlds" as they benefit from in-class discussion with their classmates and professors while maintaining the convenience of working on projects and assignments from home.
  3. FLEX - Choose to take classes in either a Blended or Online format. Some students are not sure of their schedules. They may want to take Blended classes during one eight-week session but then sign up for online classes during another eight-week session. With our FLEX format, you can choose how you wish to take your classes every time you register for a new course!

Degree Requirements

The Accelerated Degree Program MBA is designed to be a formative process that assists students from a wide range of backgrounds gain access to higher education, acquire advanced academic skills and knowledge, and develop the capacity to be informed, effective, and ethical citizens.  The program consists of 48 credits and includes a blended curriculum that features online and classroom experiences.  Students will have the option to take 9 credits of elective work in the following areas:

  • Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • General Management
  • Leadership
  • Marketing
  • Project Management

The Accelerated Degree Program MBA produces graduates that exhibit highly developed analytical and communication skills, that demonstrate mastery of vital tools and concepts used in the business environment, and that are prepared to engage in ethical leadership in their chosen career fields.  As a result of this program, students will

  • Demonstrate advanced critical thinking and communication skills
  • Demonstrate advanced understanding of concepts in the functional areas of business
  • Be able to creatively apply formal concepts to real world situations
  • Demonstrate the capacity for informed moral decision making in the business environment

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