Howard C. Fero, PhD

Department:Business and Leadership
Title:Director, Graduate Leadership Programs
Professor, Management and Leadership
Background:Ph.D., Organizational Behavior, Claremont Graduate University
MS, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Baruch College, City University of New York
BA, Psychology/Marketing, Hofstra University
Office:Aquinas Hall. Room 306
Phone:(203) 773-4424
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Leadership in Theory and Practice
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Leadership, Imagination, and Communication
  • Motivation

Dr. Howard Fero is a leadership and organizational development specialist with experience in both academia and in practice. In addition to his work at Albertus Dr. Fero works as a consultant and executive coach helping people and organizations develop in the areas of leadership, team building, career development, and overall organizational effectiveness. Dr. Fero is involved in numerous professional organizations and serves on the boards of the Greater New Haven Leadership Center and the Strike 3 Foundation.

Publications & Awards

Fero, H.C. & Herman, R.L. (2013). Lead Me Out to the Ballgame: Stories and Strategies to Develop Major League Leadership. Manuscript in Progress.

Fero, H.C. & Herman, R.L. (2013). Leading like a Major League Baseball Manager: Using stories from Major League Baseball to illustrate leadership. To be presented at the Annual Conference of the Organizational Behavior Teaching Society. Asheville, North Carolina.

Fero, H.C. & Herman, R.L. (2012). Lead Me Out to the Ballgame: A study of Leadership in MLB Managers. Presented at Annual Conference of the Institute of Behavioral and Applied Management, Nashville, TN.

Fero, H.C. (2012). Cultivating Exemplary Leadership. Presented for the Greater New Haven Leadership Center.

Levitt, K, Fero, H.C., & Biberman, J. (2012). Dangerous Waters: Navigating Through Political Situations that Threaten Careers. Presented at the Organizational Behavior Teachers Conference (OBTC). Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario Canada

Fero, H.C. (2011). Motivation in the Workplace: Knowing your People. In J. Marques, S. Dhiman, & J. Biberman (Ed.), Stories to Tell Your Students: Transforming toward Organizational Growth. Palgrave MacMillan.

Levitt, K, & Fero, H.C. (2011). Leadership and changing work environments: using role-play exercises to illustrate the impact of effective leadership. In J. Marques, S. Dhiman, & J. Biberman (Ed.), Managing the Twenty-first Century: Transforming toward Mutual Growth. Palgrave MacMillan.

Fero, H.C (2010). The best laid plans (?): What to do to re-capture learning excitement when things go south. Panelist at the Organizational Behaviors Teachers Conference (OBTC). Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Fero, H.C (2010). Becoming a Motivational Leader. Presented at the New Haven Free Public Library, Subway Seminar Series.

Schulz, W.C. & Fero, H.C. (2007). Understanding & Measuring the Impact of Community Leadership Programs: A Retrospective, Mixed-Method Research Project in Southern New England. Paper presented at the annual conference of the Institute of Behavioral and Applied Management, Reno, NV.

Fero, H.C (2007). Becoming a Motivational Leader. Presented at the Graduate School, USDA as part of the open house, Increasing Organizational Effectiveness, Washington, DC.

Fero, H.C. & McGivern, M. H. (2006) Making your Creativity and Innovation come alive! Presented at the Empire State College Business and Leadership Residency, Leading, Managing and Planning for the Future; Newburgh, NY.

Fero, H.C. (2006) Creating Creativity. Presented as part of the panel, Cooperative Learning: Lessons from the Field. Annual Conference of the Institute of Behavioral and Applied Management, Memphis, TN.

Fero, H (2005).Flow and Cynicism in the Workplace. Doctoral Dissertation, Claremont Graduate University. Claremont, CA.

Professional Affiliations:

Institute of Behavioral and Applied Management (IBAM)
Immediate Past President, 2009-2011
President, 2007-2009
Vice President / Program Chair, IBAM 15 Reno, NV, October, 2007
Division Chair, Student Papers, 2004-2006

International Leadership Association (ILA)

OBTS Teaching Society for Management Educators

SABR (Society for American Baseball Research)


Howard C. Fero, PhD