The Albertus Magnus College B.S. in Health Care Management program in the Tagliatela School of Business and Leadership is designed for students looking for positions in a variety of industries that are impacted by the healthcare field. Our HCM Program provides a base of knowledge and experiences that enable our graduates to be business leaders in a service sector industry with a particular focus on healthcare-related applications. A health care management degree will enable a student to have flexible career options, excellent advancement and earning potential, and the opportunity to do mission-driven work for a lifetime.

Why Study Health Care at Albertus?

Better choice of jobs...

Healthcare is, quite simply, the fastest growing job sector in the country. The Affordable Care Act only increases the demand for individuals who are taught the business side of healthcare. A degree in health management will allow you to pursue a career that suits your individual interests and skills. Graduates will have employment options all over the nation and the world in many different settings,including:

  • Federal, state and local health agencies
  • Consulting firms
  • Consumer advocacy organizations
  • Emergency preparedness organizations
  • Hospitals and integrated health care systems
  • Long term and extended care and health insurance companies
  • Medical service organizations
  • Physician management organizations
  • Private business and industry
  • University and private research centers

Better pay...

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median health services manager salary in 2015 was $94,500 compared to $36,200 for all other manager occupations. And in Connecticut, it’s even higher where the mean wage for health services managers was $126,000 in 2015!

Earn a living by making a positive difference in the world...

The credo of healthcare managers is a simple one, "do well by doing good." Healthcare managers play a crucial role in making communities safer, better places to live and work. If you want a respected career in an industry that helps others, then healthcare management is for you.

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Program Of Study (33 Credits)

A B.S. degree in Health Care Management at Albertus Magnus College is a 120-credit undergraduate degree program, which consists of 50 credits in the College's General Education Program, 24 credits in business (7 core courses plus 1 elective course) , 27 credits in Health Care Management, and 19 elective credits.

Courses in Health Care Management are designed to address the following needs in the field: research skills; an understanding of new and emerging technologies; knowledge of regulation, laws, and insurance; communication skills; change management (adapting to change); critical thinking; ethical decision making; and civic engagement.

General Education: 50 Credits

Business Courses (24 credits)

BE 135 Business Communications (3)

MG 131 Principles of Management (3)

BE 161 Financial Accounting (3)

MG 231 Principles of Marketing (3)

BE 202 Statistics for Business (3)

BE 205 Principles of Microeconomics (3)

MG 362 Human Resource Management (3)

MG 380 Internship for Day or Choice of Selected Electives for ADP (3)

Health Care Management Courses (27 credits)

MG 235 Health Care Management

MG 308 Ethical Issues in Health Care (3)

MG 311 Introduction to Public Health (3)

MG 312 Global Health (3)

CIS 315 Health Care Information Systems (3)

MG 336 Health Care Law (3)

BE 247 Health Care Finance (3)

MG 348 Data Analysis for Health Care Managers (3)

MG 392 Capstone – Health Care Management Research Project (3)

Electives: 19 Credits

To learn more, please contact William Aniskovich at