Do Veterans have the same payment deadlines as the student body?

Yes! GI Bill recipients have the same payment deadlines and responsibilities as the remaining student body! All VA students are responsible for tuition, fees, and books. You should be prepared to pay out of pocket expenses at the beginning of each term, since it will take the VA approximately eight weeks to process your educational claim.

When will I receive my assistance deposit or check?

It will take the VA approximately six to eight weeks, from the first day of class, to process your application and certify your enrollment. If your application is incomplete or additional documents are required, your first assistance check will be delayed.

What is Military Tuition Assistance?

Military Tuition Assistance (TA) is awarded to a VA student under the assumption that the student will attend school for the period for which the assistance is awarded. If the student withdraws or is administratively withdrawn, the student may not be eligible for the full amount of TA funds awarded.

What is Active Duty Tuition Assistance?

Students who are currently on active duty can receive additional tuition assistance directly from their military branch of service. You will need to contact your base's ESO (Education Services Officer) for more information.

Return of Tuition Assistance

If you are using TA to pay for your education and withdraw from a class prior to completing 60% of the class, the Department of Defense requires that Albertus Magnus College return any unearned TA funds to the department based on how much of the course you completed and with the understanding that you pay a portion of those returned funds. You may owe a portion of your tuition to Albertus Magnus College and a portion to your military branch.

If you officially withdraw from the course, the amount of unearned TA funds is calculated from the date you withdrew. If you are absent from class for 14 calendar days you will be administratively withdrawn from the course and receive a grade of WA (administrative withdrawal), UF (unearned F), WP (withdraw pass) or WF (withdraw fail) depending on the timing of the administrative withdrawal. The amount of unearned TA funds is calculated from your last date of attendance in the course. Your TA eligibility is determined based on the following formula:

The percent of TA earned equals the days completed before withdrawal or last date of attendance divided by the total number of days in the course.


Tuition refunds are calculated in accordance with the college’s tuition refund policies.

The Business Office invoices Chapter 31 students in all academic programs including traditional day, undergraduate and graduate Accelerated Degree Programs, and undergraduate and Graduate New Dimensions Programs.

Traditional undergraduate day students are invoiced for tuition and fees less institutional grants. Refunds that are returned to students are based solely on their awarded financial aid.

Students in the Accelerated Degree Programs and New Dimensions Programs receive refunds if applied for excess financial aid. Upon each refund request, the student’s file is reviewed and reconciled to verify the refund.

Chapter 33 and other classifications are subject to the same file review and reconciliation process by the Business Office for any refunds after the designated certifying official submits classes, dates, attendance and rates.

Mobilization/Deployment Refund Policy

Members of the U.S. Armed Forces, National Guard or Reserves who receive orders which transfer them out of the area for a prolonged period may request a refund of tuition at any time during the semester when such transfer interferes with class attendance. Albertus Magnus College has a prorated refund policy. Documentation of orders for transfer must be provided prior to the refund being granted.

Albertus Magnus College will work with service members called to duty to identify solutions that will not result in a student debt for the returned portion.

Readmission of Uniformed Service Members

Albertus Magnus College does not deny readmission to any person who is a member of, applies to be a member of, performs, has performed, applies or perform, or has an obligation to perform service in the uniformed services based on the membership, application for membership, performance of service, application for service, or obligation to perform service. Uniformed services include the U.S. Armed Forces, National Guard, and Reserves. Readmission is reviewed on a student-by-student basis and will include, but is not limited to, academic standing, student conduct records, and financial obligations to the College.