For students who withdraw, drop out, are dismissed, or take a leave of absence from the College, the following refund schedule will be applied towards institutional charges. Please be aware that based on the refund calculations applied, a student is responsible for any outstanding charges owed to Albertus Magnus College. All fees (Application Fee, Registration Fee, Add/Drop Fee, Information Technology Fee, Course Lab Fees) are non-refundable.

NOTE: Aany student who is a financial aid recipient prior to or at the time of withdrawal must see the Director of Financial Aid. For further details, see the Financial Aid Refund Policy, or contact the Financial Aid Office.

Tuition Charges Refund Schedule:

100% refund - Student withdraws up to one week before or on the night of class.
90% refund - Student withdraws after the first night of class and before the second night.
50% refund - Student withdraws after the second night and before the third night of class.
0% refund - Student withdraws after the third night of class and beyond.


Albertus Magnus College has partnered with BankMobile Disbursements, a refund management provider, in order to provide more flexible options for receiving refunds. The new refund program will give students the following options for receiving refunds:

  • Electronic Deposit To Another Account
  • Electronic Deposit To A BankMobile Vibe Account

All students will be asked to select a refund delivery preference from the options listed above. Students should then:

  1. Update your mailing address
  2. Look for a green envelope from BankMobile Disbursements
  3. Make your choice online

For more information, please visit their website. View contract and profile information here.