Concentration in Graphic Design

The Graphic Design concentration is of timely and practical value to the student interested in a career in visual communications. Students pursue coursework in digital art techniques with an emphasis on intelligent design. Areas of study include digital art, photography and two dimensional design. Advanced coursework in graphic design exposes students to design for print and the web. This coursework coupled with a practicum in the field gives students the practical skills and conceptual knowledge needed to pursue a career in graphic design.

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Web Design

Program Of Study (45 Credits)

AR 111 Drawing I

AR 114 Graphic Design I

AR 122 Two-Dimensional Design

AR 201 Introduction to Computer Art

AR 213 Color

AR 214 Graphic Design II

AR 235 Introduction to Photography

AR 236 Photography II

AR 314 Advanced Graphic Design I

AR 315 Advanced Graphic Design II

AR 335 Digital Photography I

AR 336 Digital Photography II

AR 380 Practicum

AR 391 Senior Project

One of the following courses: (3 credits)


CO 235 Magazine Editing and Publishing

CO 260 Advertising Techniques