Julia A. Coash

B.A., Southern Illinois University
M.S.Ed., Southern Illinois University
M.F.A., James Madison University
Department:Visual & Performing Arts
Title:Professor of Studio Art and Art History; Director, Master of Arts In Liberal Studies Program
Office:(203) 773-8973
Office Hours:Coash
Courses:TAC, Room 201
  • Drawing I & II
  • Painting I & II
  • Color
  • Figure Drawing
  • Evolution of Art
  • Art History Survey I & II
  • Art History: 20th Century Art - Present
  • African Art
  • Special Topics
  • Senior Projects


Julia A. Coash holds degrees in painting, higher education, and ethnographic photography. In conjunction with these studies she has completed field work and research projects on “Attitudes Towards Nature in Chinese Painting During the Sung Dynasty,” “The Evolution of Design and Style in Navajo Weaving,” and “The Weaving Techniques Forms and Styles of Tarabuco, Bolivia.” She recently returned from sabbatical research in Southeast Asia and was also an Artist in Residence with the Masterworks Museum in Bermuda.

Professor Coash has held teaching positions at the American University in Cairo, Bermuda College, and several colleges in the United States. As a practicing painter, she has exhibited her work in Bermuda, Paris, Cairo, and throughout the U.S.

“My interests in anthropology, travel, global arts, and cross-cultural exchange inform my teaching, research, and painting. My students are encouraged to reflect upon how ideas, values, and materials from their personal lives and interests could be a source of inspiration in their studies and studio work. In art history classes, for example, I try to make connections between the influences of travel, technology, and literature on specific art movements. Understanding such connections encourages students to make further associations between studied disciplines and their own work.”


Julia A. Coash