Undergraduate Degree Program


Why do we behave as we do? How do we learn to think about the world around us? What factors affect the development of personality and mental health in children and adults?

As a major in psychology at Albertus Magnus College, you’ll examine the theories and methods used by contemporary psychological scientists, scholars and practitioners. You’ll work closely with our exceptional faculty in small classes, in field placements, and on research projects as you improve your understanding of mental and behavioral processes.

In addition to your study of experimental methods and research design, you’ll investigate learning, motivation, personality and psychological assessment, among other important topics.

As you develop your critical thinking and problem solving skills in Albertus liberal arts curriculum and expand your awareness and appreciation for the workings of the human mind, you’re well positioned to pursue graduate studies in psychology and related fields, as well as careers in many academic and professional areas, including counseling, education, law, business and the healing professions.

To pursue your study of psychology at Albertus, you’ll choose one of the following concentrations:

  • Art Therapy
  • Child Development
  • Counseling and Mental Health
  • General Psychology
  • Organizational Psychology

You may also choose a minor in psychology.

Adult Degree Programs

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