Student Hightlights

HeadshotDanny Piroli

Danny is from North Haven Connecticut. He is a junior at Albertus Magnus College majoring in Business Management with a concentration in International Business, and participating in the Disney College Program. In his spare time, Danny plays Hockey for the Connecticut Hockey League and is certified as a Boat Captain in the state of Florida.

To learn more about Danny, and his internship with Disney click here.

Supervisor Testimonials

Daniel Doria, Business Management Major
Greater New Haven Leadership Center
Spring 2010

Danny was wonderful to have work with us at the Chamber. I was impressed on day 1 when he arrived with a set of learning objectives; and every few weeks would ask if we could meet to discuss his performance. I'm sorry he's leaving us so soon, but am excited that he'll have great opportunities when he graduates.
~ Patricia A. Scussel, Executive Director

Lindsay Marcin, Psychology Major
Gesell Institute
Spring 2010

Lindsay was a dedicated and serious student who took her learning to heart. She performed at an above average level consistently throughout the semester. Of 7 interns, Lindsay was selected as one of 2 who were trained to conduct child interviews at an elementary school in Bridgeport. Lindsay was enthusiastic and prepared and accomplished the task beautifully. Since the first half of her internship at Gesell included both data entry and coding, having an opportunity to collect data enabled Lindsay to reflect on how community based research is conducted, and how it can benefit large populations of children as a result of the findings. In addition, having had experience coding data, Lindsay was much more aware of completing data forms that were complete and free from common errors. Lindsay has been offered a short term paid opportunity at Gesell to continue with the GDO Study once her internship is complete.
~ Andrea Sambrook, Program Director

Jonathan McNicol, Communications Major
Spring 2010

Jonathan is one of the few interns we get each year that far surpasses the usual intern "duties". He has become more of a production assistant, especially on "The Colin McEnroe Show. He has helped produce numerous programs - including coming up with ideas, doing research, pre-interviewing guests and creating a rundown for the host. He most recently helped produce a remote program in New Haven, discussing "Pizza". Jonathan has also helped to produce a few great programs for Where We Live - one on NASA and a very controversial show on the health effects of cell phones. Jonathan was quick to step up from duties of phone screening, web publishing and research to doing the more advanced production work of piecing together some complicated programs. He worked closely and professionally with the production staff on choosing guests, pre-interviews, and writing questions and background information for the host. He even posted several post-show blog entries on our "Where We Blog". We are delighted to have Jonathan this semester - he has far surpassed the normal duties of a college-level intern.
~Catie Talarski, Senior Producer - "Where We Live"