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Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

Albertus Magnus College is pleased to introduce the Accelerated Master of Arts Degree in Liberal Studies for adult students who wish to complete their Master’s Degree at a fast pace. Since we recognize that most adult students must juggle family, career, and other responsibilities, we offer classes in the evening at a flexible schedule. However, what makes our program unique is that our classes are shortened to eight week modules (instead of the traditional sixteen week semesters.) Therefore, our students are able to complete twice as many courses in the same timeframe as those students who attend traditional colleges!

The Liberal Studies Program offers the adult learner the opportunity to explore the social, humanistic, and scientific dimensions of our world through graduate-level study. Unlike more narrowly focused graduate programs, the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies broadens the mind through many different disciplines. Students will develop their critical thinking, communication, and research skills through a lively engagement with important ideas and informed class discussions.

The Liberal Studies program at Albertus Magnus immersed me in the disciplines of history, literature, religion, creative writing, philosophy, anthropology, and psychology. The incorporation of these disciplines in my life has led to a deeper understanding of self, transcendence, nature and how I fit into society. The journey was wonderful!
– Emily G. Coyle, Class of 2005

Goals of the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies Program

In its dedication to a liberal arts education, Albertus Magnus College affirms its fidelity to the life of the mind and of the human spirit. The Albertus philosophy is that training in the liberal arts is an excellent preparation for a fulfilling life. Accordingly, this liberal arts program leads the student through an integrated study of the human person and of our human community in its various cultures and civilizations, and in its approaches to the natural world. The program accomplishes its goals by providing the student the opportunity to think critically upon, and to communicate clearly about certain inter-related themes as ground for understanding our world. Through this integrated frame of reference, provided in a trans-disciplinary context, this program offers a broadened mode of inquiry into, and conceptualization of, the issues and ideas encountered. In summary, the Liberal Studies Program is dedicated to the realization of the Dominican ideal to search for truth in all its dimensions.

Degree Requirements

Students take a total of ten classes (30 credits) and complete a Final Project (3 credits), for a total of thirty-three credit hours. All students take the Liberal Studies seminar in “Examining Culture and Civilization,” and choose their remaining nine courses. Some of our current classes include “Drafting the Self,” “Moral Leadership,” “Cultural Anthropology,” “Women and Society in Early Modern Europe,” “Human Genome,” and “The Eye of the Heart.” With faculty assistance, students design their own Final Project, which may be a creative work, a traditional thesis, or a combination of both. Some recent Final Projects have explored the nature of art and mysticism, offered poetic and musical compositions, and interpreted Shakespeare’s Hamlet!

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Program Credentials

The Master of Arts in Liberal Studies Program at Albertus is a full member of the Association of Graduate Liberal Studies Programs (AGLSP). This body is an international organization founded in 1975. The 110 full members of the AGLSP include such distinguished institutions as Duke University, Georgetown University, Dartmouth College, The Johns Hopkins University, New York University, and Southern Methodist University.

The Master of Arts in Liberal Studies degree was established by Albertus Magnus College in 1991. The State of Connecticut Board of Higher Education, the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and the Association of Graduate Liberal Studies Programs accredit it.

The Master of Arts in Liberal Studies Program will enrich ones life and provide the skills necessary to enhance ones ability to contribute to the quality of life both personally and professionally.