Paul Robichaud

Title:Professor and Chair of English
Background:Chair, Department of English
Associate Professor of English
B.A., University of Western Ontario
M.A., University of Western Ontario
Ph.D., University of Toronto
Office:Aquinas, Room 234
Phone:(203) 773-8556

I have taught at Albertus since 2003, and enjoy introducing students to new writers and new ways of approaching literature. One of the great things about teaching at a small college is having the opportunity to teach a variety of courses, from freshman writing to medieval literature to Victorian novels.

My research interests have focused mainly on modern poetry, particularly on how poets employ the past for aesthetic and political ends. In my book Making the Past Present: David Jones, the Middle Ages, and Modernism (2007), I examine how and why Jones turns to medieval culture in his poetry and criticism, analyzing an important dimension of his work that has also been a source of critical controversy. My second book-length project, Between Identities, explores the relationship between modernism and questions of national identity in Britain and Ireland. The writers discussed include W.B. Yeats, Hugh MacDiarmid, James Joyce, and Louis MacNeice.

My poems have appeared in The Hudson Review, Agenda, and other journals in the United States and Britain. I am currently putting together a first collection.


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Paul Robichaud