Graduate Degree Programs

Master of Science in Education

30-Credit Graduate Program for Educators


  • To provide a program of graduate studies that responds to the expectations for teachers for the 21st century


  • To place education within an ethical framework
  • To strengthen skills to teach literacy across the curriculum
  • To develop ability to use assessment to inform classroom instruction
  • To improve ability to recognize and conduct valid educational research and to incorporate research based instruction in lessons and units of instruction
  • To refine the ability and commitment to respond to differences among students and to provide instruction that enables all students to succeed

Candidate Requirements

  • Earned bachelor’s degree from an approved institution of higher learning
  • Completion of all application requirements

Description of the Program

The Master of Science in Education degree program is offered evenings in eight-week modules, five per year. Successful completion of two courses each mod enables students to complete the program in approximately one year.

The program consists of three sequential components:

Foundation Sequence (9 credits)

ED 501

Maps of Education: Tracing the Roots of Contemporary Public Education

ED 502

Education Psychology: Theories, Learning, Development, and Teaching Practices

ED 503

Education Research

Student Needs Sequence (18 credits)

ED 601

Language Acquisition and Structure

ED 602

Reading and Writing as Tools for Learning

ED 603

Assessment and Student Learning

ED 604

Culture and Inter-group Relations

ED 605

Differentiated Instruction in the Classroom

ED 606

Technological Applications in the Classroom

Capstone Sequence (3 credits)

ED 680

Capstone Research Practicum

ED 691

Comprehensive Activity


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