Federal Work-Study Program

The Federal Work-Study Program is a federally funded work program that provides wages for part-time employment to eligible students with significant financial need. Student employment plays an important role in helping to serve students, faculty, staff, and the community. The various jobs available allow students the chance to learn important work skills that will benefit them at Albertus Magnus College and beyond.

In order to be eligible for a Federal Work-Study Program award, students must


Student must meet all financial aid deadlines in order to be considered for a Federal Work-Study Program award. These include:

April 15: Priority FAFSA Deadline
July 31: Deadline for all missing documents
September 1: Deadline for all missing required Federal Work-Study Program documents

Job Placement
Students are placed in positions based on their skills and interests as recorded on the Federal Work-Study Position Evaluation Form. Preferences made by the students and the supervisors are taken into consideration during placement, but are not guaranteed to be fulfilled.

Federal Work-Study Program Payroll Documents

Federal Work-Study Timesheet

Federal Work-Study Payroll Calendar

Federal Work-Study Direct Deposit Program

In the on-going efforts to establish Albertus Magnus College as a "green" community, the College has eliminated pay stubs. All employees will be able to access their payroll data online using ADP, our payroll processing vendor. For more information on how to register with ADP, please refer to this memo

Federal Work-Study Program Required Documents

Federal Work-Study Student Handbook

Federal Work-Study Handbook Acknowledgement

Federal Work-Study Direct Deposit Form

Federal Work-Study FERPA Form

Please note: All required Federal Work-Study Documents are due Tuesday, September 1, 2015.