Admissions & Financial Aid

Tuition & Fees

To get you started as a full-time undergraduate day student taking 30 credits per year, here are the important numbers you need to know for 2015 - 2016:

Application Fee: $35
Tuition: $28,440 per year
Deposits: $400 on campus; $350 off campus
Room and Board: $12,960 per year*
Estimated Yearly Fees: $490 (add an additional $1,452 for optional medical insurance)
Total Resident Student: $41,890
Total Commuter Student: $28,930

* Exclude if commuting

Other studio, computer, and laboratory fees may vary. Costs for books and supplies are extra. You should anticipate personal expenses for transportation and miscellaneous items.

Part-time Student Cost Per Credit: $1,185